Dining alone at WDW

A couple of questions about dining alone.

First, when I have booked my ADRs many of them have been for two. This has been either (a) because the times available for tables for one were not as convenient or (b) I worry that they’ll shove me in the corner on a bar stool with an upturned box for a table. When I actually show up as just one person will this cause a problem?

Second, at the more upscale restaurants (I’m really thinking V&A) would it be shocking if I brought a book or a tablet to keep myself entertained between courses? I understand that dinner at V&A can take three or more hours.

Showing up with 1 person when you booked for 2- no problem!
As for the second part, there is no way I could sit by myself for 3 hours without something to occupy me, so I say go for it. In most restaurants, no one will even notice. I don’t know about V&A since I have never eaten there, but what else will you do with all that time?

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Well, quite!

It can’t be three solid hours of eating, so there must be a lot of downtime. People who are accompanied will chat to each other to pass the time. I don’t wish to be rude or disrespectful and I will certainly focus only on the food when it’s on the table, but for the rest of the time, I’d like to discreetly have something to do.

I am usually at WDW by myself and have never felt shoved in a corner. I’m given a table just like any other paying guest. At Coral Reef I was right by the tank. At Skipper Canteen I was in the SEA room (though I was told it was the library). At BOATHOUSE I was pretty much asked what area I wanted to sit in and given my choice. But that’s the most “upscale” I am/was comfortable going so I don’t know about the more upscale places.

Oh, that’s interesting. I’ve assumed that as a solo diner I’d be given lower priority and less desirable tables.

I can also add that on my solo trip I had great seating!!! I never felt “put in a corner”. I can’t speak for V and A. I am normally a pretty shy/quiet person but I was celebrating my birthday and made friends with people around me. I rarely felt lonely or weird. Saying that, I would totally take something to read/do while waiting!!!

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I absolutely don’t think this is the case! I am sure you will be given just as much priority as larger parties. In fact, they can be much more flexible with where they put 1 person. If you show up with a group of 12, then you are stuck wherever they have the space for 12.

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I’ve done a few solo trips and really enjoyed my solitary dinners. The first couple of dinners I brought my Kindle for something to do, but I found myself just people watching or sometimes writing notes for my trip reports, so I left the Kindle behind after that. At some of the restaurants I opted to sit at the bar instead of at a regular table, which was nice since I always got chatting to CMs and other guests. :slight_smile:

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Chatting with CM’s is always a nice way to get free fast passes :slight_smile: I don’t see anything wrong with bringing a book or tablet. I’m actually interested if the concern is a European thing bc I don’t think Americans would care to ask or think about that.

Whoops I meant to reply to Matt, I always do that wrong.

It’s really only V&A I’m “worried” about. As they have a dress code they actually enforce, I thought they might be a bit stuffy about things.

Ah got it, I see. I was starting to think us Americans were savages :joy:

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It’s like some chefs apparently get cross when people take photos of their meals.

Nobody at V&A is going to mind if you bring a tablet or Kindle. Or take photos of your food for that matter. Everyone is incredibly friendly, it really doesn’t feel stuffy at all. :slight_smile:

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Hey Matt what dates are you going to WDW?

Am I the only one who is jealous that OP gets to do WDW alone??? As a true introvert, I would love this- to be able to just experience it by myself, no other opinions to consider. Enjoy!!!


A year ago I don’t think I would have wanted to do a solo tour. But after my trip last year — I went with a friend but it turned out we preferred to tour alone and just meet up for meals — I’ve no worries about being there on my own.

And, as you say, there are huge plusses. I can do what I want, when I want, without having to ask anyone’s permission or compromise.


LOVE going solo!! Just got back from one a week ago.

Of course being single and child-free makes solo even easier. :smiley:


Going solo is the absolute best. The dining was probably the most detrimental part though, just cause it could be so boring. But at least I was still able to eat at MY pace and enjoy the food like I feel it should be.

But I used the time to catch up on my notes for my trip report. I’m not much of a talker, so I didn’t really interact with CMs while dining.


I was just on an extended business trip and ate alone a lot. It was LIBERATING. I ate what I wanted, when I wanted. I would be quick or slow - it was all about ME BABY!!!
1 - I think if you do 1 or 2 people that is fine. If they put you in the corner simply say - "sorry - can I please have a more acceptable place to sit
2 - You, many times can simply eat at the bar if you like - which is sometimes fun - you have TV and can more interact with the bartender
3 - I don’t think it is inappropriate to take a tablet / book. In V&A they MAY have an issue (not sure) with bringing a device (not sure) - so bring a book as a backup. I think though as you make it more subtle you should be fine
4 - I did also eat while FaceTimining people - so that was kind of cool


Funny because three years ago I came with my two kids (ages 9 and 7 at the time) and left my husband at home. It was a FANTASTIC trip! I got to make all the dining decisions, plan the FP, etc. Still not the same as going all alone, but way easier and more relaxing being the only one in charge and making decisions.

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