Dining ADRs critique and suggestions

On DLX Dining - already have following ADRs - what else would you try to snag, if any?
Coral Reef(L),Ohana (D),
TH(B). Rainforest (D),
SciFi (L), HBD (F!pkg),
Ohana (B), BOG (D),
SanAngel (L)/Chefs (L) - need to decide :confused:, would actually rather snack around WS that day anyway. :open_mouth: Narcoosees (D);
SOA (D),
ArtSmithHome (L), Flying Fish (D),
Trails End (Sat Brunch). Also, we will probably be cancelling HBD because we also have SWDessert that night and can’t imagine we will be hungry having SciFi@1115 and HBD@420.

How many nights is your stay?

I do not see a CaliGrill Brunch on there and you MUST do it. One of the best meals I’ve ever had.

The DxDP gives you 3 TS meals per day (unless one is a signature, and then you have 2). Basic math says you need to add more.

CR lunch; Ohana dinner - only 2 meal credits. As you are in EP that day, I would recommend Le Cel (or Monsieur Paul if no kids involved) for dinner.

TH brunch; Rainforest dinner - only 2 meal credits. I would recommend Tiffins for dinner.

SciFi lunch; HBD/F! dinner. Excellent (I like 50s better than SF, but that’s just a matter of opinion). I don’t know the logistics of doing F! and a SW dessert party on the same night, but personally, I wouldn’t drop HBD.

Ohana breakfast; BOG dinner - only 2 meal credits. I would add LTT for lunch.

Definitely recommend SAI over Le Chefs, but personal opinion. Snacking around the World is great, but it will be a waste of your DxDP. Narcoossee’s is OK, but for mono resort dining, Citrico’s is better, and an CG is MUCH better. Again, as you are already in EP, Le Cel and Monsieur Paul would be excellent signature options.

I’m rarely stumped with acronyms, but you lost me with SOA. If I understand the way you posted things, this is your only meal of the day - you’ll need to book 2 more.

I’ve not eaten at either Homecoming nor the new FF, so I can’t comment first hand, but both have gotten good reviews, and it’s a good use of DxDP credits.

Obviously, Trails End is only one credit, so you’re 2 short - unless this is a “left-over” credit from another day.

We are staying 7 nights.
soa was Spirit of Aloha :slight_smile: Wish we could do Cali Brunch, but looks like only on Sundays and that is right in the middle of our AK day :(. I know its not the best use of our credits but wondered if maybe we should do counter service some, since I feel like we wouldn’t be hungry enough for TS meal? I’m glad you said that about SAI - we had that scheduled long ago, but then saw couple of iffy reviews so got scared. LTT is great idea. We did 50s last time so promised DS(9) sci fi this time. Same thing with Rainforest - Tiffins looked awesome tho. We still have Thurs open as far as not knowing what park/parks we will be hitting. If Epcot, will try for LeCell. Thanks so much.

So you have 21 credit and I am counting 19 with HBD? I agree with @bswan26- HBD is great! I just went again two weeks ago and I still think about how much I enjoyed that meal. I also went to Tiffins and that is very good. I believe I will return on my next trip.

Ah tes, Spirit of Aloha… I’ll say up front that I’ve never been, but the “best” reviews I’ve read for it are mediocre - at best.

I know. I’m not too excited about it myself - but DH wanted it last trip and I put him off - couldn’t do that to him again. :wink: