Dine with Shamu

Sorry, not WDW related, but we are ending our trip with one day at Sea World. Has anyone ever gone to the Dine with Shamu? How was it? Our kids are 5 and 7…

We haven’t done it but friends did it when visiting wdw. Their kid aged 8 ish loved it. It was all he talked about. Any time I brought the conversation back to wdw he wasn’t interested at all. It was the highlight of his vacation. . It was also their first time to wdw. We visited seaworld after them but decided it was not for us but my kids are older.

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We did it years ago when our kids similar ages. Shamu just swims around, very simple tricks, if any. The buffet food was awful - very school cafeteria. With that said, we were still looking to do if again on our last visit, but it wasn’t offered that date :frowning: How often are u going to get this chance to see a killer whale that close?!

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We did it at the San Diego SeaWorld a few years back when my kids were similar ages. I felt like it was well worth it. You get to see the whales up close and there are great photo opportunities. I don’t remember how the food was, but that is really secondary to the experience.

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We did the shark one years ago. We thought the food was over-priced for what we got. I don’t even know if they had the 'dine with Shamu at the time or we would have chosen that. Since then, saw Blackfish, so…