Differing crowd predictions?

Has anyone compared various crowd predictions out there? I've always used TP predictions but looking at some others for our upcoming trip, there are different predictions! Not sure which to go with!

They use different metrics, and even even differ in what they measure. TP has tried to quantify it by wait times alone, and that can be misleading as far as crowd "feel," particularly with stuff like Food and Wine. Easy WDW may not be as accuracte with approxiamting a wait time, but it may be more about how you'll perceive it.

We post how we did to the blog every week. We compare our predictions to Disney's times and user submitted times and are happy with our accuracy vs. other predictions of wait times. Crowd "feel" is relative, so we use the quantifiable wait time instead. (Which is a long way of saying the same thing TGB just did.)


Hi @LaurelStewart - a question occurred to me while in the parks this week: You know how the Lines app asks you to rate how the crowd "feels" if you're in the park? What do you use that data for? I assume it's not used for predictions? Thanks!

No, not for predictions. It's to see what range of answers we get (ipeople's perception vary wildly).

Interesting - thanks. Would love to see a blog post about the wide range of perceptions!

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For the record, I LOVE those weekly blog posts.

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