Different Dynamic - SSR - Beds


We have a different dynamic. We have booked a 2 bedroomed accomadation. We are foster carers and have 3 foster children and 1 child of our own. So our child is not allowed to share with the foster children, so we will put the 2 boys in the room with the two beds, then the little girl will be on the sofa bed and my husband and myself and son in the other room. The two boys will not be allowed to share a bed hence putting them in the two bedded room. Would, because of our family issues, SSR put another single bed in our room so my son would have his own bed and not just a trundle thing.


I'm not sure if they have cots that they can role in, but I do know that other liners (thinking of @pod4christ) have brought along single air mattresses to use on the floor. That might be an option too...


We have since adopted our daughter, but she was our foster child for a few years first, so I totally get this. Add to that the fact that she and my DS would never sleep if sharing a bed - we ALWAYS bring an air mattress with us, and it has worked out really well. How old / big is your DS? It works best for a small/light person. We bought one on Amazon that is "camp" sized - smaller than a twin and easy to fit anywhere - for $12.99! It folds up nice and tight to fit in our luggage. The only drawback to that particular option is that it needs an external pump. So, you might want to upgrade for one that either comes with a pump, or even better, has a pump built in. Or just buy a separate pump. We happened to have one from our large air mattress.


This is the one we use. Fast built in electric pump. Built well (bought it 3 years ago & it still works great). Just $39.99 on Amazon. http://tinyurl.com/k8ef59j


@Iheartepcot Our youngest son is adopted smile hes 6 and its just coming upto our gotcha day in December when he would have been ours for 2 years, Amazine...I also have two grown up birth kids aged 21 and 25 both with children of there own.
Not sure about the air bed, hes a 6 year old that wears a 10 year old clothes because he is so tall. What do you think of the chances that Disney would put a chair bed in the room, or could I move one in from the living room?