Different CL - Which Parks on Which Days

Hi All,

I am a plan-o-holic and just joined today. Our trip is in just under 180 days and I’m having the “I’ve been up at 6am for multiple days in a row to get ADRs” fog. I thought I had my days all planned out, but now I’m second guessing myself.

We’ll be there for 5 days, with Military Salute tickets staying at SOG. Party of 6-7 (one member is joining on Fri and leaving Mon). 4 adults, 2 children (7 yo boy, 4 yo girl).

Our first park day is a Wednesday and we leave that Monday. Our CLs are: 5,4,6,7,7

I originally planned MK, E, HS, AK, MK

Then before joining I thought that this alternate might be better due to EMH and MNSSHP: MK, AK, E, HS, MK

Now that I’ve joined and looked at the CL for individual parks I’m more confused than ever! If I do switch from original to alternate I’d swap an Epcot 4 to 6 and gain AK 5 instead of 7 (HS would also move from 6 to 7).

I currently have a weird mix of ADRs as I’m not sure which plan to go with but I’d like to nail it down so I can drop the ones I don’t need and put in things I wasn’t able to get to reservation finder.

Any suggestions for which parks on which days? We will have park hopper as it is included in our tickets no matter what but right now I’m not planning on taking advantage of it because of the ‘wasted’ travel time, but I’m open to it if it makes the most sense.

I’m missing out on a MK 3 and 2 on MNSSHP days that I’m wondering if I should take advantage of in the morning and then hop to a different park (Epcot?) in the afternoons instead of doing full MK days on higher crowd levels. As of today I’m not planning on MNSSHP because we took my son 3 years ago and while it was cool, I’m not sure the price was worth it for our family. The only thing making me consider it is the Moana meet and greet since my daughter is obsessed with her.

Thanks in advance!

Honestly, CLs are not nearly as important as having a good TP. And I think the difference between a CL of 4 vs 6 is not that big of a difference.

And I agree that increasing cost of MNSSHP tickets makes it less appealing.


Thanks - so it seems that I should just do whatever parks on whichever day and it won’t be a big difference.

Do you think it is worth trying to take advantage of a possibly way less crowded MK on MNSSHP days and then park hop on those afternoons?

I would say so. MK can be very quiet on party days, until 4pm when guests arrive.

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Okay thanks - I’ll try to switch that around. Gives me better options for dinner on MK days as an added bonus!

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I think that is a good idea.