Difference in rides/attractions between WDW and DLR

I have been going to Disneyland my whole life and am now going to WDW, are there any rides/ attractions that I should skip at WDW because they are the same as DLR?

Been to both parks. One of the things I loved about my first DLR trip was comparing similar attractions. I personally wouldn’t skip anything. Even similar attractions have some cool differences. For example, the interactive ques are a bigger deal in WDW and worth checking out.

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I’ve been going to WDW since 1976 and DLR since 1986 and spent a roughly equal amount of time in both parks (probably more in DLR). Very few are “exactly” the same. Here’s my take:

Splash - similar, but better at WDW
HM - very similar, I like DL better
PoC - Similar; DL definately better
JC - similar elements, but arranged differently. WDW ride is longer
Tiki Room - Identical; DL pre-show is better
iasw - Very different. DL MUCH better
Space Mountain - quite different, DL version is better
Buzz - different, but both are fun
Pooh - Different, but comparable. I like the DL version better
Peter Pan - Similar, but different; I like them both
BTMRR - essentially identical; theming at DL might be better
Tom Sawyer Island - Larger and more to do in MK
Riverboat - same in both parks; possibly more to see in DL
Tea Cups - Same, except covered in MK
Under the Sea - ride is identical to DCA, but the MK queue is very cool
Tree House - Same basic structure, but MK is still original Swiss Family vice Tarzan

Soarin’ - Same ride, but DCA digital system MUCH better than EP

ToT - same concept, but DHS execution is much more elaborate - don’t skip it!
Star Tours - different queue, identical ride
Toy Story - Better queue in DHS, ride identical. DHS lines crazy-long compared to DCA
Muppets - Identical in both parks
Fantasmic! - similar show, but I like the DL version MUCH better than DHS

Tough to be a bug - identical show, but the path to the attraction at AK is definately worth seeing.
Primevil Whirl - same track as Flight School in DCA, but spinning cars make it more fun
Dinosaur - Completely original, but track is identical to Indy in MK. Indy is a MUCH better ride.

I think that got them all…


Oops - missed a couple…

Dumbo - same basic ride, but MK has 2 and the queue area is very well done
Railroad - same concept, but MK does not have Dinosaur or Grand Canyon panoramas
Astro-Orbitor - same basic ride, but still up on platform at MK - better ride than ground-level at DL
Carousel of Progress - Identical to the one that USED to be in DL
Raceway - similar in concept to Autopia, but shorter track with almost no scenery

Capt EO - Same dreadful movie as in DL
Innoventions - more elaborate at EP. Sum of All Thrills definately worth checking out


You are definitely on a roll today :smiley:

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Ditto Bswan. We skip pirates at WDW because it makes us want Disneyland fiercely DL is soooo much better.

I also grew up going to DLR and started going to WDW in 1995. I agree wholeheartedly with everything @bswan26 said!