Difference between FP+ seating for Fantasmic and dining package seating

Can you tell me how different the seating areas are for the F! dining package and the FPP seating area? I was able to get FPP for Fantasmic along with TSM back when they were having that glitch in the system, and today I was able to get the Dining Package at MM. (I wasn’t actually looking for the package, but it was the only dining option at HS that day. We are on DP so it doesn’t cost us any more.) Which group do they let in first, and how do they compare? I’m guessing I will just switch my FP for something else, but I wanted to check here first. Thanks!

The dining package has an area that is front and center. I’ve not seen good reviews of the fpp. Reports are you still have to line up early and the seating is off to the far side, though I can’t personally confirm that.

Last I heard there was no designated FPP seating area. The F! dining seating area can vary - when we did it it was slightly to the right, but I believe that it is currently in the center.

The general consensus is that Fantasmic is a waste of an FPP.

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