Difference between 'COPY' of Touring Plan


Because I wanted to put a link to a touring plan that I have done, so that I can have other members view my plan, it has made a ‘copy’ of the plan.

Do I delete this copy now… or leave it there in my plans along side my other plans?

If you delete it others won’t see it so they will have save them in a pdf or print out.

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I’m not understanding what happened.

When I edit a plan to make it visible to others, it is simply a matter of clicking the box “Publish this Plan?”. When you do that it then gives you a link to copy to give to the people you want to be able to view it.

Let me hop on my iPad to get screen shots so you know what I mean.

It shouldn’t be making a copy, and i fear that what you are about to delete may be your actual plan. Don’t delete anything yet!

I make a copy when I have a plan I like, but want to play with it some more- so two plans for the day day/time?

Okay. Here is a shot of what my completed plan looked like to begin with, before I made it shareable:

I click the “Edit” button in the gray box at the top of the page, and this little box appears:

On the left side of the page, just above the blue “Save” button, is the box marked “Publish this plan?” Currently it is not checked, so the plan is private right now.

So I click the box:

I click the blue “Save” button after doing so, and it takes me back to my plan. Only now there is a blue hyperlink in the gray box. This is what I give to anyone I want to share the plan with:

Like you fine people:

If you click on my link you will see something similar to what your people would see if they clicked on your link. A complete but not editable plan.

Hopefully this helps.

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This is a screen shot of what I mean… It shows my plan… and then a copy of my plan. I end up with all of these ‘copies’ on the app as well…

You can use these copies to experiment with changes and then save or deleted them. To delete a copy, on the website, to the right of your dashboard all your touring plans will be in a box and each will have a delete button next to them.

Thank you… I wasn’t sure if I was ‘suppose’ to leave them there or not… :smiley: