Did you hear the news?

They are going to implement a similar style for DLR for the boarding groups for Rise. You can be anywhere at 7am and get a boarding group. You just need a reservation for DL (not DCA) that day. You will also get a second chance at noon if you didn’t get a 7am one. I am very excited about this!


Got two DL days I’m gonna try and book so yay for 4 shots at the darn thing. I’ve got newbies so I cannot disappoint.


I read that the second chance can be for anyone who has tapped into either park, unlike WDW where you have to have tapped into HS specifically.


I’ve got a newbie with me too, so I have to deliver. I’m trying to bone up on my RotR strategy since (1) I’m out of practice, obvi, and (2) it will be different this time, also obvi.

Just read a very detailed How To article for RotR at WDW that should match the DLR experience. However, I read an article specifically about the DLR virtual queue saying:

Select one member of your party to access the virtual queue for everyone in your group at one of the distribution times; if multiple people in your party try to join the virtual queue simultaneously, that may complicate your ability to secure a boarding group.

In contrast, the WDW article says:

We recommend everyone try for everyone in your party.

Is there a definitive RotR strategy guide out for DLR yet? I’m trying on the 12th for a dry run, then taking my dear noob with me on the 16th. I’m sure there will be info posted before my dry run, but I’m trying to wake up my DLR neural networks early so they’re strong for the actual event. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Agreed (from the DLR article I posted above) My emphasis:

  • To access the virtual queue opportunity beginning at 12 p.m., Guests must have a valid ticket and park reservation, and have entered Disneyland Park, or Disney California Adventure Park with a Park Hopper ticket by noon. Guests beginning their day at Disney California Adventure Park may then enter Disneyland Park with their Park Hopper ticket after 1 p.m. for their boarding group, as applicable.
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I second this. No one has tried the new system at DLR, so there’s no reason to believe you shouldn’t all try at the same time. Note that cast members still tell WDW guests to have only one person try for your party, probably to reduce the load on the system. But at BG time, there’s no time for chivalry!


I was just reading up on it on a Disneyland FB page! In 6 days I will be trying for a BG!!! :heart:


Awesome, thanks! :+1:

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This is great info. Being as there might be problems of any sort if more then one person is trying to get BGs, I think I’m just going to take sole responsibility for getting a BG for me and the hubs. Too great a risk to put it in the hands of a noob (no offense to him), and I’ve got two chances to get BGs, AND I’ve done it before successfully pre-pand, AND I’ll be doing a dry run the week prior, so I think I’ll just take control of this. Frankly, my husband probably doesn’t want any part of this madness anyway. I am the DL sherpa, and he is my wealthy client sipping cocoa at base camp. Ha!


Oh, and good luck! Can’t wait to hear a report! :four_leaf_clover:



Can’t :heart: this enough!