Did you get the room you wanted?

Following on from a thread posted on the Lines app yesterday, I’m interested to know how often people are happy with the room they are allocated.

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I’ve only stayed onsite once, and got a room a couple of doors down from my request. I requested a room for my friend last year and she got the exact room.

For the most part, I don’t include an exact room number. I usually have generic ‘close to lobby, higher floor’ or last time at Beach Club ‘full balcony’ (once at AKL I asked for a room with a bunk bed). I usually get what I’ve asked for when using this method.

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At POFQ in 2016 I got 2 rooms down from the specific one I requested which was within the range I asked for in the fax. They actually put us in the corner room for a little bit of a bonus.

I planned a trip for some family friends in January of this year, also at POFQ, and they were within a couple of rooms for the request as well.

In 2015 we stayed at CBR and I can’t remember the specifics of the room request, but I definitely know we got the building that we requested.

So I’m overall pretty impressed with our success. But I’m not extremely picky. My requests are generally for a specific building, top floor and I like to be near a parking lot at a mod since we rent a car. So I can’t imagine I’m asking for high demand rooms like the Savannah/Standard rooms or anything.

I have a one-night stay at the Contemporary and I’m planning on simply asking for “odd numbered room, high floor”, per the recommendations I’ve received on here.

I have only used the touring plans fax when I requested a standard view room at AKL. Every other resort I usually use the online check in and rrquest an upper floor or full balcony. I think I have always had my requests filled (TP fax and online check in).

Two trips ago POR, got upper floor and building beside (farther from lobby) the one I requested. Last trip POR, it was not even close. Opposite side of resort. They did give me an upper floor though but that’s better than a 50/50 chance. Slightly disappointed for a minute but only b/c I’d gone through, looked at rooms, and picked (only picked desired building, upper floor). It did not make any difference in reality though.

Yes at AOA we received our request of 4th floor (and I think we also asked for close to transportation). We had reserved a generic “family suite” and ended up in a Nemo suite (would have cost $20/more a night had we reserved this choice), closest building to Big Blue Pool, Animation Hall and buses. We could also see a little bit of Hollywood Studios fireworks in the distance from our window.


We had good success on 2 of 2 trips. July 2016 we stayed at CS, and got the building we wanted (#4, near bus stop). Dec 2017 we were at POFQ, and got a room in the section we wanted (building 4, upper floor, such as 4220). We were not trying to get one specific room, just anything in that general section of a specific building. We always got the specific building. I kept the wording simple. Very content with room given, but we were only at the room to sleep.

Edit: I did no online check-in.

I feel like my requests were more likely to be granted when I just did online check in with general requests (like close to lobby or upper floor). My last three TP faxes were failures–the complete opposite of what I asked for (I know there are no guarantees).

I got something almost completely the opposite of my ask (high floor, view of lake) on the first floor, view of parking lot, lol. BUT, it was amazing. The location was good, it was a renovated room (Pop) and heck, I was at Disney! No complaints at all.

No. BUT my last trip was in that weird transition period where Disney changed their reservation number style so the fax was incorrect. The front desk person was very helpful and basically let DH and I choose from the available rooms to one that was very similar to the one we had asked for: POP, not preferred, near transport, quiet.

People often report back on this on the Room Fax thread.

Got 2 doors down from the one I selected - but it met all my requests and was in the pre-populated range.


Stayed at PoR from Mar. 1st to the 14th. 2018. Faxed a request for Magnolia Bend, Building Magnolia Terrace, second floor facing the parking lot away from the noise of the swimming pool and close to the bus stop. Because I used MVT I felt I wasn’t going to get much for a discounted room. I got Magnolia Bend, building Magnolia Terrace, first floor toward the back of the building. It was quiet and slightly away from the building swimming pool and very close to the bus stop. View of the parking lot but all and all I was happy with the assignment.

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Have used TP fax request many times. Get what I requested. Always pay for standard but request garden/pretty landscaping, near bus stop, second floor. Many stays at CSR so I reference our previous room number. Book through AAA package discounts or by phone myself with Disney.