Did Southwest just change it's release date?

I could of sworn that Southwest was going to release dates thru Oct 7 tomorrow. I was so excited because I am off work tomorrow and thought I might get a deal. Checked tonight to see what time the schedule opens and now it says the schedule opens on March 12. Was I crazy thinking I saw tomorrow? Now I am so bummed out.

yep, it changed.

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They might have to re-group? Between the Max 8 and and recent allegations regarding their safety processes , maybe they need some time ?

ugh- that was me last spring - waiting waiting waiting
When they did release them, the prices were too high for me, but two weeks later they dropped to my price range.

I had the day in Feb too (marked on calendar). I noticed a few weeks ago it changed to March.

That’s interesting to know. I’ve seen mostly reports that release day was cheapest. I know what the typically price is for my airport but I don’t know what a good price will be, so I’m at a loss to guess on release day.

I like @wallacefam had it on my calendar in February. I also noticed about a month ago it changed to March. The shift of a month stinks. I hate it when I have to book ADR’s before I book flights.

Keep checking the SW site. Last year they moved the the February release date up by two weeks. I recall the announcement was about a week prior to the new date. I am hopeful that happens again this year.

Someone, and often many people, post updates on Chat regarding Southwest releases. And on day of release you will see people posting how they are "waiting, " then let everyone know when dates are open. Very helpful!

I knew my budget was no more than $200 pp. It was higher than that so I didn’t buy any tix. Then two weeks later I did.
Then a few weeks later I switched airports for a cheaper price. Then a few weeks later i ditched back to my airport for a cheaper flight.

I read to check Tuesdays but I pretty much checked once or twice most days and found Wednesdays were better.

I should have kept better track.

I guess that’s how to do it–figure out your price ahead of time. For me, I know what it costs usually on AA from my local airport, but with 6 people, I’m willing to drive to the airport 2.5+ hours away for SW if it saves me a bit of money or gives me a better flight time.

Good tip re Wednesdays–was that specifically SW or just airlines in general?