Did I screw everything up?!

I used the Room Request for the first time and I think I did it wrong. My first couple of days we are staying club level at Gran Destino. When I filled out the form I just clicked on a random room (my main concern is really that we get a connecting room with my mom) and then in the “I would like to request this type of room” box I erased whatever was autofilled by the room I chose and put in that I wanted a connecting room with my mom’s reservation number. I just realized that it still holds onto the room number of the random room I chose. I don’t even think the room I clicked on was a club room! They wouldn’t downgrade me, would they? Feeling like a giant idiot right now!!

You can edit your room request if you want to re-submit for the room you want.

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Even within the 30 days?

I don’t know for sure with the new way room request works. But id’ say it’s worth a try! Maybe someone else will be able to confirm.

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You might want to check with TP directly to be sure, but I seem to recall Len saying that edits trigger a re-sending of the request, so you should be good if you change it.

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I submitted a new one. Fingers crossed!

I have read several complaint of room request not being fulfilled that were a downgrade to the room paid for.

So you’re saying even upon request they won’t downgrade you?

That is what I have seen in this thread..

Even if they did honor your request I would think they would move you to the room you paid for if you went to the front desk and explained the situation.

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