Did I Miss this CRT Change?

I noticed that CRT has changed it’s pricing:

It is now the same as BOG

They both have the same lunch/dinner price and tax and tip are added. This used to be included in CRT?

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I wonder if it used to be included bc of the Princesses?

This changed a few days ago. I noticed when I was checking my spreadsheets.

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I know BOG increased to this price with the last increase.

Wow they’re steep for no characters. They must have upped it with all the other food increases.

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That’s a hard no from me at that price, especially with no characters. A little more and you can have a really exceptional dinner at Cali Grill.

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Agree @OBNurseNH… Any guesses on when characters are going to come back to CRT? We’d love to book there in early Jan but only if the princesses are back.

Who knows. January isn’t that far away so I would t count on it.