Did I leave enough time? Or should I move everything up 15 minutes?

I don’t want to start each day with my family hating me as I make them sit at the taps before park opening too long, but I also hate being behind schedule.
Can you look down my plan and see if I left us enough time. Our highest CL is 5.

EP PPO 8:05 GG
9am Open At park at 7:15 - 7:30 Leave hotel at 6:45
EMM At park at 7:15 - 7:30 Leave hotel at 6:45
EMM Park at 6:45 Leave hotel at 6 - 6:15
9 park opening park at 8:45 leave hotel at 8
RD Navi
9 park opening park at 8:45 leave hotel at 8
RD Navi
Arrive at 7 to 7:15 Leave Pop at 6:30
Arrive at 7 to 7:15 Leave Pop at 6:30
HS 8:10 PPO
Arrive at 7:45 Leave Pop at 7:00

My family would revolt if we had to leave that early every morning. But to answer you question, Generally, I think that as long as you leave about 45 minutes before you want to be at the park, you should be ok.


We have a break day between AK days, so 4 break then 4. I totally expect some of our group. Which is now up to 11:astonished: Will skip mornings after the first 4. I mean at that point we should have hit most of the must dos.

Does the arrive at the park times look right to you?

EP PPO GG I tink you’re leaving too early. Leave hotel by 7 should be quite sufficient to make an 0805 reservation

MK EMM I htink you’re on target

Same for HS EMM

I would probably aim to arrive AK a smide earlier. I would leave hotel 7:45

You’re doing RD Navi twice??

EP EMH - again to early IMO. I wouldn’t leave until 6:45

MK no need to arrive that early for EMH, IMO. I would not leave hotel til 7.

HS PPO I think that looks decent.

When you say “leave hotel” are you saying leave your actual room, or be leaving the property (in some vehicle or another)? I am reading it and responding as leaving the property in vehicle.


My family would too!

Leaving the hotel at 6:45 am or earlier most days sounds more like bootcamp than vacation! :slight_smile:


We are a military family. LOL
Does it matter that we are out of the house every day by 6am at home?
I will accept people not being on my plan for any day but the EMM. But yes I should get my mind around the fact that no one is as crazy as me.


@OBNurseNH thanks for the feed back. That really helps.
We are doing repeats at most of the parks, if anyone does not want to get up any day it should be fine.
We could completely skip the second day of rope drops at all parks and it not be a big deal.
We have FOP FPP both days, can you think of anything better to RD at AK?

NRJ isn’t worth the RD. If I had a FoP FPP I’d head to any other land than Pandora. 90% of the RD crowd is going there. You can head over to Dinoland and knock out all the attractions within the first hour. Or you can head to Kilimanjaro Safaris and watch the animals eat breakfast then head over to EE.

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I suppose if you don’t want even more FOP rides, then that is the right thing to do :wink:


I am a big chicken about RDing FOP or SDD. Ok, it is right up my alley, but I will not subject my kids or parents to pushing and shoving if I can keep from it. I want them to love WDW and all the kind people that visit it, not to remember a bunch of people willing to trample each other to get a better spot in line.
Note: I have never RD either Pandora or TSL so I have no idea how bad it actually is.


Robin, you and I need to vacation together! :laughing::rofl: I am always feeling like a drill sargeant trying to get my troops up and moving, although we are also mostly early risers at home (dh and I typically up at 4am on work days; ds18 5:45 and ds16 6:00ish). I have to restrain myself some at WDW because if it were up to me, we would get up and going and have an early start every day, and return to the hotel mid-late afternoon MOST days to relax and get to bed to do it all over again the next day! :grin:


A couple more questions for you ADR-smarties here… (on our first trip, I didn’t even KNOW about the need to book dining well in advance, booked some reservations about 3-4 weeks before our trip and did OK; on our second trip, which was a prize package that I won, we decided on our dates about 170 days out). :grin: so…

  1. On ADR day, is it 6am that the reservations will open up? I think that’s what I’ve read, just want to verify… I will need to be ready and have the coffee brewed! :coffee:
  2. When I book, it automatically fills in my party with the others on my MDE list. One of those is my son who has his own MDE account, which I might use to double-book a few things at the same time (in case we want to swap around a couple of park days). So, if he is “on” my reservation in my MDE, will that prevent me from using his MDE to book a reservation at the same time?

Yes, it will prevent you from double-booking. My work around was to add an additional person to my Friends & Family list. His name is Ghost Guest. By having him there the names don’t automatically fill and you can leave them blank.

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It won’t be a problem. It won’t have to fill in your other guest except for things that are prepay like CRT.

Also you can book conflicting reservations if you go to the page for the particular restaurant you can search for times. Then when the times come up, right click on the particular time you want, select open in a new in a new window then book in that window. This will let you book conflicting reservations by taking you past the point where they check.


I did not know that!

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Thanks for the tip, that’s great!! Also, I have to apologize… I thought I had posted my question in my own thread about ADR’s, and only just realized when getting notified of the replies that I accidentally posted it here… :flushed: lol

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If you’re going to RD Navi, you’re going to be in the same crowd RD’ing FoP (I think) so choosing Navi twice over FoP isn’t going to spare your group the RD rush (although generally there isn’t much in the way of pushing/shoving IME). So I’d do FoP at least one of the mornings (who am I kidding, I’d do it both).

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I had heard, you could arrive a little later and follow behind the rd crowd and still walk on NR.
I guess I will play it by ear and see who is with me. If the parents and youngsters sleep in that day, I may join the madness and rd FOP


That has been my experience on two different occasions. It worked so well we will do it that way again.

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