Diamond Horseshoe MK

Is there entertainment at the Diamond Horseshoe. We made an ADR because the cheesy show is one of DD’s favorite things at DLR but I haven’t seen anything suggesting that there will be a show in WDW except for the fact that there is a stage.

For a long time it was only open on the busiest days, and with no show. They used to have the show years and years ago but I haven’t seen anyone mentioning that it’s been reinstated. i wouldn’t count on it, but you could probably calling the dining number to get confirmation.

I read a review the other day, but I can’t remember where. Player piano on the stage was the only entertainment. It also said that the food was horrible.

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Based on Josh’s review, it looks like one to avoid.


Thanks for knowing where that was!

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Thank you, I think we’ll try somewhere else!