Diagon Alley & Early Entry


We're planning our trip for the end of October, and thought I'd see if anyone has had any updated experience with the early entry hour and Diagon Alley. Specifically, how crazy are the crowds in the morning? The morning we're planning on going early the crowd level is a 3, and we can get into the park at 7am. I'd seen a report on here from July that the liner was queued up at 6am. Do you think a 6am lineup will still be necessary now? The TP website is showing an estimated 48 wait that morning at 8am fr Gringott's, but doesn't list the 7am data.

Thanks for any advice you can give!


hey there, not sure, but you might want to ask in UOR chat. I know @Skubersky was there recently with some low crowd level days and might be able to tell you what it was like.


I did early entry on a slow day recently. I'd arrive at the gate 15-20 min before early entry starts, you should be able to walk straight to DA and finish Gringotts within 30min.


Great, thank you!!