DHS: What's an affordable something extra?

MK: pontoon boat ride around Bay Lake and Seven Seas Lagoon (before MNSSHP)
EP: Behind the Seeds
AK: Up Close with Rhinos or Caring For Giants


Not SW fans (and Droids are kind of $). Is there a little something extra you would do there that won’t break the bank

Also, is there something inside of MK that you would consider adding? Caveat: not entering until 4pm on party ticket.

Fantasmic? I haven’t done it, but would like to. Is there a pay-for-access to Fantasmic available via maybe an ADR or something?

Could do the private photo shoot thing at HS?!

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Oh that’s a good one!

This is a thought.

Or if they brought back a reasonably priced dessert party (as this is the only situation I would possibly consider one). IIRC the Fantasmic one got high marks.

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They do have a dining package with multiple choices.

They sometimes do a Dine with an Imagineer at DHS. Very difficult to book though.

At MK what about getting something engraved? I had no idea about that until someone posted it here.

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You can have your silhouettes done on Main Street


The dining with and imagineer died even before the pandemic killed off stuff

MK I think I’m content with the pontoon boat which is not inside but still pretty great

We had a lot of fun a while back with this. It’s great to see everything from a new perspective. The cast members were not clear what the rules were and pretty much said go where you want. I would ask who has the right of way over the water bridge. We were never sure if the ferry had the right of way, or if 2 boats could pass each other on the water bridge, the pontoon is much slower.

The cheapo light saber build ($30?) In the star tours gift shop seemed like a nice diversion to me. Even for a non fan


$30 for a single blade, $45 for double blade in January.

That was a highlight for my kid!


I know you said they are not Star Wars fans, but a drink at Oga’s cantina is the only thing that comes to mind :smiley:


Going to plan that for last thing so that those who aren’t interested can just peel off without missing anything else.

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