DHS under the new tiering policy

Does anyone have any on-the-ground reports as to how lines are panning out at DHS now that we only get one FPP that’s of any use? I’ve got a four hour slot at DHS coming up — I plan to make a return visit to SWGE (the third of my trip) for general wondering aroundness, Oga and maybe MFSR if I like it. I have an FPP at the end of the window for SDD. How much else can I realistically expect to do in terms of TOT and TSL? Are lines crazy?

I went there Thanksgiving week. It was more crowded than I remembered 4 and 5 yrs ago (not a surprise). We never got a 4th FP at all. And by the evening it was hilarious that the only FP left were for Muppet Vision 3D. But, to be fair, we only had one HS day and we took an unplanned mid day break, so we probably could have done more (by this time of the trip we were very tired and kids were flagging). We were also more interested in ADRs and fireworks than rides; since I added Ogas we had 3 ADRs (!). I would say to check the ride times periodically in the days leading up to your HS time to get a more recent realistic idea. BTW Ogas was possibly the most fun thing we did on the entire trip, very worth it! :slight_smile:


What time of day?

In September, we park hopped to HS, arrived around 6 pm. Got same day FP for TSMM.

Single rider rock and roller coaster was 60 min wait. Didn’t check TOT. TSL lines were still long. Couldn’t get another FP that was interesting for us.

MFSR was only a 45 min wait so we did that, then jumped in line for SDD before park close.

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In September we unexpectedly park hopped there around 4:00… rode ToT, watched Frozen, headed back for a 5:45 TSMM FP (picked up around 3:00), then waited 40 for SDD before heading back and waiting for Smuggler’s Run and
then catching the projection show.

We had light dinner from the QS in Toy Story land while we waited for SDD, and stopped for ice cream/snacks a couple of times in there too.

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When is your trip?

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