DHS TP Help, please

My FP+ booking opens tomorrow! So naturally, I’m re-thinking my touring plans. Ha.

My original plan had been to RD our day at DHS, but looking at the week overall and considering everyone’s sleep needs, it seems a lot more sensible to have a bit of a sleep in on this day.

I feel a little wiggy at the idea of booking FP+ times without spending 2 weeks tweaking my plan! Does this plan look OK? I also have ADR options for MM (F! pkg) at 12:55 or Sci Fi at 4:15, but the early lunch seems to give us the best flow.


I have to ask- your Jedi Training- I think you need to be there before park opening to get a slot? Is that something different?

PrincipalTinker is correct here. You need to decide how big of a deal the Jedi Training is. If it’s a big deal, then you should be there early to sign up. If it’s not a big deal, maybe you’ll get a slot when you show up, maybe you won’t. Also, if you are planning on having lunch at Mama M’s, you should discuss the Fantasmic Package if you’re going to do Fantasmic anyway. It’s another way of not having to worry about possibly not getting a seat, or having to wait in line for a seat. And also, the fantasmic package would free up another possible fastpass for you right after Star Tours.

Also - the Muppet 3d show…It’s fantastic. Very underrated, imo.

If you are doing Jedi Training, you will need to be at rope drop 45-60 minutes to be able to sign up with your children. If you want to sleep in, there is very little chance of any times being left, especially in the morning.

Your afternoon seems very tight. If lines are longer than you anticipate, than you could miss one of the shows or an attraction. If you are ok with that, then you should be good. Also make sure to check the show times for HS closer to your date. Sometimes TP plans do not have them correct.

Thanks everyone.

Can’t you just watch the Jedi training show? The kids don’t want to be “in” it.

And yes, we have the F! Package booked.

Yes, you can just watch the show. The stage is right next to Star Tours. It’s actually a decent show. The two main trainers make very decent quips while they are announcing the jedi in training during each kid’s battle. There’s usually lots of laughs that most of the kids don’t even catch because they are so caught up in the fun. The show can sometimes get tense if other dark side characters appear. Usually there’s a crowd watching the show. If you don’t plan on signing up for Jedi, then rope drop is not important.

I still think Muppet 3-d is worth trying.

I’d like to see muppets, but the kids both hate them! I don’t know who raised these little people.


I think that looks great. Consider watching Star Tours stand-by wait times or getting FPP for 10:45-11:45, then you can finish watching Jedi Training and ride Star Tours before your Mama Melrose lunch (especially if you get a FPP for 10:45-11:45), especially since you have a lot of time set aside for lunch. This would save a little park criss-crossing later.

Good idea. Thanks.