DHS Toy Story Land at RD

Used optimize and it suggested this:

I thought we should try for SDD first, so I tried this:

The difference is very minor, but my stress level for getting on SDD will be huge. Why would it be telling me it’s better to do TS first and not SDD?

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It’s overall a difference of 3 minutes when you calculate all the wait, ride, and walk times.

I’m not sure why it would suggest this except for the phenomenon that occurs at AK wherein nobody goes to Na’vi resulting in a near walk-on experience because the hoardes and masses go directly to the big headliner.

I probably would be inclined to ride SDD first myself


I don’t understand some of the rope drop times either. I think any kind of common sense would say go to SDD first if you’re RDing it. If you’re not, the line will tend to spike at RD, but won’t level back out for a few hours after that.

If it were me, I’d RD SDD.


These are all my same suspicions. I think I’m going to try for RDing SDD. If the line is insane when we get there, well, TSM is the back up.

Any idea when I have to get there for a good spot at RD?

Also, anyone guess on the chances of a same day FP for SDD? Tomorrow morning is my 30 day. Miracles happen, but I’m not hopeful.

If you use the drop time (11:01, 1:01, 3:01, and 5:01) I’ve heard you can get pretty good odds.

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Oh whoops. I misread that as FoP FP’s. I don’t know what the drop times are for SDD FP’s or if there are any. I would not hold your breath on same day SDD.

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Okay. Thanks for double checking that for me. I think I’ll stick with trying to do 2 SDD in the morning unless it’s totally crazy, in which case, well, one and done. Later in the day, the wait times are not what my family would put up with.

I think the issue with TP’s touring plans is that it assumes you are entering the gate at park opening (ie, that you are at the BACK of the RD pack). If you are at the front of the RD pack, your wait will be less than the calculated plan wait time.

This is a good video from TP on RDing TSL.

I also recommend watching this video from the TP team on RDing 7DMT at MK. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PS1xlry5JXY
The MK video per TP’s description below:

What this test is for is to see what the difference is if you get there BEFORE the park opens vs. WHEN the park opens.Turns out it can change your whole plan, but not necessarily in a bad way.


Opening times week to vary greatly with Toy Story Land. Most days they open it 15 mins before park opening.

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Drop times are 9.31, 12.01 and 2.31 but often SDD doesn’t drop, just other rides.


I read www.easywdw.com and his recommendation is that if you aren’t there an hour early before opening and at the front of the group for SDD that you ride something else first then get in line as wait times for SDD dip slightly after opening due after everyone making a mad dash to SDD.


Yes and that’s why the TP is suggesting riding it second.

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Weird, but this morning it’s suggesting SDD first again.

TP folks did a video about this in the fall at MK and 7DMT and PP. If you’re at the front of the RD crowd then go to 7DMT, but if you’re in the middle to the back, go ride PP first and then go to 7DMT as the wait time is going jump but then remain consistent. I’m assuming the same theory applies here with TSMM and SDD. May depend on what walking speed you listed but I’m guessing.

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Put in a meal break at 9AM for 10 minutes at Woody’s Lunchbox and just label it as SDD. Then see what the TP tells you to do for the other rides. That’s the way I’ve done it in the past for RD. Assuming you plan to be at the front of the RD crowd. That’s probably a little conservative, you may actually be done with the first ride by 9AM.


I’ve noticed that for MK, you have to add the welcome show or it assumes you’re just coming in the gates after the show started. They need something like that for the other parks in the TP.

You save 6 minutes by doing TSMM first. So, of course it will recommend that.

When everyone RDs a ride, unless you are willing to get there super early and run there, you’re all in a race to out-run each other. Lots of pressure. But if you do TSMM first, you save more time on TSMM because the RD folks are distracted by getting to SDD. But then you get off TSMM earlier and ahead of the non-RD folks for SDD.

Personally, if I have to arrive for RD an HOUR earlier than everyone else to get on the ride, then that wait time for the ride just increased by an hour! :slight_smile:

But it’s not time you’ve paid for. I don’t want to waste an hour of paid ticket time standing around. I would rather use my literal free time and have coffee and portable breakfast

That’s true. But it still saves you 6 minutes (of paid time) to do TSMM first.

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I don’t know, with the price of some of the hotel rooms, I think you’ve definitely paid for that hour! Paid to be sleeping in your bed for one more hour!