DHS - touring strategy for non-Star Wars day

Hello all - My family will be down in WDW in early to mid-March 2020. We are going to do two days at DHS. One day will be all things Star Wars related, including Star Tours, Jedi Training, Launch Bay and Galaxy’s Edge. I’ve got a pretty good plan in place for that day, although who knows how RotR will change that…

What I’m wondering is how to set up my non-Star Wars day.

My very general thought was to rope drop the TSL attractions, hit some of the shows and grab some food, then end up with Rockin’ Roller Coaster and ToT. I’d like to put together a skeleton plan and then adjust it once I see what FP+ we are able to get.

In order to do that, I’m curious if anyone has a sense of how long it will take after rope drop to experience SDD, AS2 and TSM. Assuming we won’t have any FP+ for these attractions, and assuming we are in the middle of the rope drop pack (we’ll be there early but a few in our group are a bit on the slower side walking), how long should I estimate for the TSL rides? Is the preferred order of these rides SDD, AS2 then TSM in my situation?

Thanks so much for any input!