DHS Touring Plan


For some reason I have been struggling with this plan, and my frustration level is rising. I would appreciate some help/comments on this to see if I am missing something or if there is a better way to make this day more magical.

Thanks in advance.

So, your plan is throwing out your Star Tour FP? When I saw the 9:00 FP my first thought was " that is a waste". Star Tours can have a very low wait. If you were to get a FP for it I would plan for the busiest time of the day.

Thanks for your input. I’m actually wasting it on purpose. Hoping something helpful will be available for my 4th.

Have you checked what is available after 11:00 this week at HS? Lines FP data seems to be working again. Is that still for one? Personally, I would not count on a headliner in AK, HS or EP after 11 during a busy time of the year. RnR may be available, but that is a chance. Nothing else you can get a FP at 11 that you can’t pre-book?

I think that GMR will still be available. Obviously we would love RNR or Tot, but that is very unlikely. There really isn’t anything else in Tier 2 that would be useful. It is very frustrating. In the old days, paper fastpasses for RNR and TOT didn’t run out until 4 or 5 PM. My biggest concern is that RNR won’t be running at rope drop. That would really throw a wrench in the plan!

Not sure how many people your traveling with, but RNR has the single rider line. My DH doesn’t do roller coasters, so I got on in 10 minutes. Didn’t need to use my FP for it. If you don’t mind not sitting with your party, you could always try the single rider route.

*Edit - just saw you’re not using a FP. So moot point. But they do have single rider, I noticed the ? besides it…

Thanks. We actually are planning on doing the second RNR single rider. Bummer for photos, but hopefully photo from first ride will be good!

Sorry I responded before I saw your edit! I can see how the “?” would be confusing! I can’t enter it into TP as single rider, so just put it in notes section. Hoping single rider wait will be 20 minutes or less.