DHS strategy in September 2019 - A theory

Would love some feedback on this:

We’re visiting DHS in Mid-September. Our family wants to ride all the rides and not wait in line all day. The Lines app is suggesting the ideal way to do this is to start during the E-EMH period and then hit all the rides in the AM, saving all the shows (and therefore the use of FP 2 and FP 3) for the afternoon.

I disagree.

I think the ideal strategy is to do what I can during E-EMH, hit SDD at 9 with a FastPass, then burn through the 2 non-ride FPs as quickly as possible. My theory is that with all the rides in 1 tier, there will be a ton of same day FPs for all the other rides (except probably SDD), even in the morning and the earlier I get to FP 4, the better the odds I will get my hands on them and the less time I’ll stand in line overall.

Ultimately I see this probably saving a couple hours of waiting vs the Optimized TP/Lines plan of attack.



It sounds like a reasonable theory to me. The biggest variable, of course, is whether or not there will be plentiful same day FPs.

Are you skipping SWGE?

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I am somewhere around meh on SWGE. It would be my preference to spend time in the land, for sure, but my then-to-be 22 month old and my 3 year old will have no interest beyond seeing the spaceships, and I’ll be back again eventually. So I’m 100% planning to play it by ear on SWGE. It the crowds are Disneyland all over again or even just moderately busy, we’ll pop in. If its busy, we’ll probably sit it out, or join a boarding group (or whatever they do) only after we’re certain we’ll be able to do everything the kids will actually enjoy + TOT and RNR for the adults. If we decide later we absolutely can’t miss it we can rope drop the EEMH another day and then park hop.

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I prefer my own personalized plan. Optimize will give you the shortest queue wait times, but it may send you crisscrossing the parks. Also, and I may be wrong, I haven’t heard of any TP WDW Crowd Calendar updates for August or later.

Not knowing anything about how WDW / DHS are going to handle the SWGE opening or when RotR is going to open is really a big unknown in any TP right now.

If you do already have a FPP for SDD at 9am – keep it!! Go ahead with your plan. I agree that many ppl don’t understand how FPP works. They won’t know that they can get a fourth & etc… I’ll be interested in how many FPP DHS releases at the drop times. They may hold back if CL is high to keep people in SB queues.

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