DHS Star Lord and Baby Groot

Hi guys,

Just read somewhere that this meet and greet was supposed to end with the summer. Definitely still available today but does anyone know whether it ends or not ? And if it ends, any other character meet and greet known to be the replacement ? I know Moana was there once and kind of hoping something cooler that Star Lord will be in place come November…


Technically, we haven’t reached end of summer yet. Couple more weeks left. Not that it directly answers your question.

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LOL thanks for the astrophysics lesson… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Oh, sure. My pleasure. Next up? The Design and Implementation of Robotics in an Aquatic Environment. (This is graduate level material, mind you!)


Hahahaha…that’s a bit out of my field but sounds real interesting !!! :wink:

Personally, I know nothing about it. But I have Google, so I’m sure I can figure out some kind of curriculum…



lol I taught basic robotics to 7&8 graders once, but I don’t have those lesson plans any more.

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If you check the title of the class, though, you’ll notice that the important part is that you teach them how to do the design and implementation in an aquatic environment. This means, you have to be in a swimming pool, lake, water park, etc., while you do the design work. So, if you covered that in your curriculum, you’ve got the job!

Oh sorry we just used fish tanks it was only 7&8 grade.

I read a rumor (or a wish) that Wreck it Ralph & Vanellope might replace them with the new movie coming out in November.

Shoot! So, Groot will be gone by October? :frowning: Glad I didn’t tell my son about it…

I would hope that 7th and 8th graders would be able to point out the flaws in the idea of designing anything under water!

Your lesson title shows the importance of using unambiguous English, plus the correct use of commas. :joy: :joy:

Have you read Lynne Truss’s book? “Eats Shoots and Leaves”. It became a best seller over here a few (actually, probably many) years ago now.

Oops, now we’re headed down “one of those” threads. There’s no stopping this train now, just gotta roll with it!

Yeah. It was meant to be a play on words.

As far as the book, I am very familiar with it. I remember when it came out. I am a writer, so understanding grammar is very important to me. (published several short stories, tons of editing, written 2 unpublished novels, and did ghost writing for two published books.) I am actually starting a new novel now in my spare time.

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Ooh. Do we get excerpts as you go along? We could preview it!

Sorry, but probably not. First draft is all about getting the story down and finding the voice of the main characters. Which means it isn’t pretty. Second draft involves a lot of rewriting, sometimes throwing out entire chapters, etc. Usually isn’t until the third draft that it will start to feel somewhat ready. Plus, I get very little actual time to write, so I expect first draft to take a year. Good news is I have 768 words written so far! :wink:

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Gotta start somewhere…