DHS rope drop question - heading straight to ToT and RnRC?

Hello all - I have a Hollywood Studios question that I’m hoping some of you more experienced people can shed light on.

We’ll be going to WDW in March 2020. We have two DHS days planned - the first one will focus on GE and Star Tours/Launch Bay/Jedi Training. The second will focus on the rest of the park. Our trip will be approximately two weeks after MMRR opens up.

We are planning to rope drop the park both days we go. I’m thinking since our second day will be at 60+6 that we’ll have a good shot of getting SDD FP+, so no need to rush to TSL at rope drop. Instead, I was thinking we might head to RnRC and ToT while everyone else in the park goes to GE, MMRR and SDD.

If we head straight to ToT and RnRC, how much time do you think it would take us to get done with both of those attractions? I know it is only an estimate, but I’m wondering if others have done this and what it was like for them?


We did that two summers ago when TSL was still fairly new. Had only a few people waiting with us at Sunset Blvd for EMH rope drop. Were on and off both rides with basically no wait.

We are hoping to do something similar on March 17th this spring break (without EMH). I expect it to be much more crowded but hope we can be done both within an hour of park opening.

ToT duration is 15 minutes + queue and RnR is 2 minutes + queue. Then a couple minutes to walk between each.

I don’t see why you couldn’t do both of them at least once, if not twice, in the first 60 - 75 minutes of park opening. (Especially if you will use the Single Rider line at RnR)

The majority of people, IMHO, will still be heading back to SWGE / TSL at RD the next few months. Plus you add MMRR and I think taking a quick right turn down Sunset Blvd will be the smart move.