DHS Rope Drop on EMM morning

A paid Early Morning Magic (EMM) just got scheduled for our one planned DHS rope drop day on 1/2/19. If we don’t pay to do the EMM, is it still worth rope dropping? Do TSL rope droppers get into the park any earlier on non-EMM days?

I don’t think TSL rope-droppers get into the park any earlier unless it is an Extra Magic Hours day,which you know won’t be that day because of the EMM. Also, not that many people go the EMM, so I think it is still worth it to rope drop that day. A recent video Touring Plans put on Youtube showed how dead it was during EMM, so I think as long as you really commit to rope dropping (atleast an hour early), you should still have fairly ok waits.

So I have my plan starting in TSL at 9am on a EMM day, will we be allowed in that area at that time? The plan is allowing me to do it and actually suggested it. I’m worried that my plan for that day will get derailed so I’d rather adjust before hand.