DHS Plans

So thinking we’d spend two days at DHS, exploring SWGE and the attractions at the north end of Sunset Blvd on one day, and Toy Story/rest of the park on the other day.

Now, on that “other day”, thinking of ILL for MMRR.
7 AM LL aim for SDD
And EPTE RD… Toy Story Mania.

But TP suggests we should RD ASS.

What’s your thoughts? Should we go with the TP suggestion?

And is the LL really a benefit for shows like Frozen Sing Along and Indiana Jones?

I would not ride ASS first thing

I would, if you’re planning to pay for MMRR anyway, RD SDD, then to TSM immediately after.

If you’re looking to avoid paying for something, RD MMRR, LL SDD whenever you can get it, and still do TSM second.

It was a walk-on for my sister and I on our day. After riding SDD 18 minutes after park open for ETPE (we boarded at 0848, in other words), we used the rest room and sauntered over to TSM and walked through the queue right to a ride vehicle.


You can see here that ASS wait times drop throughout the afternoon and into the evening, so you could potentially push that off till late in your day.

I personally do not think MMRR is worth the ILL cost. So maybe RD that. And LL TSM and SDD.

If you have already used LL to hit all the rides you care about, then use them for FSA and IJ. Otherwise, the capacity and number of shows for each of those is so high your wait without LL won’t be horrible.

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So does it make “sense” with two DHS days, to have:

Day 1
ROTR, MFSR, Star Tours, TTOT and RnRC (plus Beauty & Beast LOS)

Day 2
MMRR, SDD, TSM, ASS, MV3D (plus Frozen Sing-Along and Indy)

I was thinking it reduces bouncing around and that might give it a better “exploratory” vibe that might make it more enjoyable for my party of first timers
Not that Genie+ will facilitate my plans whatever they are, I’m sure

Hopefully, I’m not stacking the odds against getting into TTOT and RnRC but either way they’re competing with either MFSR or SDD

Your day 2 looks a lot like one of my days.

So yes, that’s correct :laughing:

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I figured that could wait while breakfast digested

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I think that’s a smart choice!

Also, I do not recommend ASS after downing an adult lemonade. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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Doesn’t get better than that!

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Our second HS day, we RD’ed (early half an hour for resort guests) SDD, TSMM, ToT and RnRC. We were done with those by 9:30ish. MMRR was down that morning. We ended up going there after it opened late morning and waited 30-45 minutes. This was the week after Thanksgiving.

I would not rope drop ASS as stated above.

We didn’t use G+ or ILL.

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