DHS Planning and early show times

I’ve seen a few posts yesterday and today on the DIS from people who had booked throw-away FPs for early shows in November and have had them changed.

What’s happened is that with the end of EEMH, the earliest show times have been removed. So someone with a 9:10am FP for VOTLM, for example, is finding they’ve been switched to 1:50pm.

So if you have a trip planned and have early FPs booked, you might want to check the show times and try and re-book those FPs. It seems at least one showing of each one has been cancelled.


This happened to me for Dec. its wasn’t an issue because the re-slotting was for 9:40am but it could be a problem if your morning is booked up, so yes people should check

I booked my December FPs on Tuesday. Had a throwaway 9:10 VOTLM. Got an email from Disney wednesday that they had changed that FP to 12:35 which is after my 10:00 Frozen Singalong and 11:25 Slinky Dog.