DHS plan, last minute jitters

We’ll be in Disney next week, staying at WL 5/8-5/14, I think our plans are good but as a first timer at Disney the anxiety is kicking in. Family of 4, our 2 kids 10 and 3.5 years old. We have 1 day dedicated to DHS and were able to snag a FP+ for SDD but not until 3pm, was hoping for earlier to be “done” at the park earlier as my son will still intermittently nap mid-day. I attached the touring plan below. I’m going to try to modify the SDD FP+ to earlier but if not, any suggestions for quiet places to camp out with the little guy for some downtime? Any suggestions to the plan? TP has been a lifesaver for planning and this forum is great too, thanks in advance for your advice.


Looks good to me. I am glad you don’t have your youngest son on RnRC. He might not meet the height requirement, but that’s an intense coaster and not for little ones. Have you thought about him not going on ToT also? It isn’t very scary, but at 3 it might be too intense for him. You know your kid better than me, so I’m asking.

If you are looking for a place for him to nap, you could always do a show, like the Frozen sing along and let him nap in your lap, but that would only be good for about 20 minutes or so. How long of a nap does he usually need? If you have a stroller, you could let him nap in the stroller while one parent goes to do something with the older child. Just a thought.

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But any which way, you’ll have a blast!

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Yeah no RRC for him and while he’s tall enough for ToT I think it’ll be too scary so we’re probably gonna say no to that. He will nap for an hour or two maybe 3-4 days/week, some days he doesn’t nap (and is usually grouchy if he doesn’t). We will have a stroller for him, I like the idea of camping out somewhere with him in the stroller. Thanks for your advice!

Our very first visit with the kids my 3 1/2 year old passed out in the stroller mid day and nothing could have woken him up- I think it was a combo of all the activity and the heat. We just parked in the shade and used that as a nice break for all of us. One of us would get up, grab drinks, etc. Worked out great.This was at MK though and I can’t think of a nice shady place at DHS, though I am sure there are areas.

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