DHS plan focused on Star Wars?

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Back for the 3rd time on this board to prep for a 1 day visit with my husband to Hollywood Studios in mid Nov on a Thursday. TP forum was a lifesaver on earlier Disney and Universal trips so hoping for some help finding what I have to imagine others know or have asked before… :slight_smile:

  1. I’m trying to create a day that is built around getting the most out of the Star Wars part of the park. It is just DH and me and just 1 day so we would plan to do Genie+ and ILL add-on’s. Beyond Star Wars we’d want to do ToT and RR coaster; anything else including Toy Story stuff would just be a bonus. Has anyone built this sort of plan before?

  2. I was last at Disney pre Genie and ILL so don’t understand how to use the new ILL feature in TP plans - do I just pick a random time to force it to for now? If so what would plausible times be to pick?

  3. My plan is here but it doesn’t seem to make sense to not use ILL for the RotR right?
    Copy of Disney's Hollywood Studios Unofficial Guide Touring Plan

We would plan to stay on site and arrive for rope drop.

Help? :smile: I know many others have likely done a similar trip - I poked around the site though and the Star Wars focused stuff I found here is from pre 2022 so seems not to square with the new procedures if I’m understanding it right.


They are fixing glitches for the LL and ILL new features. I think it’s a little early to get accurate times for LL returns this far in advance but playing around with a plan will help give you a rough idea what can be accomplished. I also haven’t been since pre G+ days and want to dedicate a chunk to Galaxy Edge. We will be there the end of March. Ive broken down different aspects of GE and made “breaks” for everything that isn’t a ride or dining and snack plans (shopping, data pad play, exploring architecture). If your 7am focus is Rise you shouldn’t have a problem getting earlier return times rather than later. I would plan to RD ToT and RRC and use the 7am LL for SDD.


I am a huge Star Wars fan and have been a few times since G+

I would get a LL+ for Rise of the Resistance - it goes down a lot. I would get my first G+ for Slinky, and use the early hours to rope drop ToT and RnRR. You’ll be able to hit both before the park officially opens.

Galaxy’s edge clears out quite a bit later in the day, so if you go and it’s crowded, keep that in mind. There is also a new bounty hunter game which requires magicband +


Thank you both!!

Ditto this entire post!

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@SMo re the RotR $ILL - I had trouble getting mine at 7:01, the app glitched and spun. I suggest you have your payment method pre-entered, and preselect RotR as your only choice in My Genie Day, and have the app open at 6:59:00 on the Tip Board with RotR at the top, and refresh right at 7:00:00 and click on RotR right away. Know in advance the return time you want, and GO. If you hesitate, you could be trampled by a virtual mob :slight_smile:

Thank you for all the words of wisdom on this!