DHS Personalized Plan Oct 2021 Odd Results

Will be visiting DHS this Saturday Oct 16, so created Personalized Plan.

I added parameters for early entry at 8:30AM, and leaving at 3PM. (We will then rest up in hotel, and hit Epcot appx 5PM with Park Hopper for evening at Epcot which we enjoy).

So here’s a screen shot of the generated plan, which indicates we should hit ROTR at appx 10AM after several other rides. This shows a ROTR Wait Time of 31 mins and a Duration of 7 minutes. Again this is for Sat Oct 16 which is projected at CL of 3…

But that does not seem to align whatsoever with recent data. Here’s Tuesday Oct 12 at 1:30PM… (a CL 1 day)… and ROTR shows 135 min Posted and 91 Expected. Granted that is not at 10AM that I am comparing it to for Saturday morning. But it seems way off anyway…

It also doesn’t come close to ANY ROTR times from Monday Oct 11, another CL 1 day…

I have searched around here, and found posts indicating the Algorithm is being worked on, CV19 related issues have mucked things up, etc.

But I am just wondering, am I doing something wrong? Is there any recent data showing ROTR times anywhere close to 31 minute wait time at 10AM? Should I forget about using the Personalized Plan if the times are way off?

Thanks in advance!

I like to use Thrill Data for my “2nd opinion” on queue waits


You’ll see that there is a historical precedent / “typical” wait that that supports TPs data.

However, you’ll see the last few days the actual wait is dramatically higher than “typical” or “predicted”

I’d plan a “meal” at Kat Saka’s Kettle or a break for an hour after your RotR step, This will give you 90+ minutes in your plan for RotR. If you get done faster, then you can do anything. If you need the full time you’ll have it.

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