DHS - oh man, need some feedback

Alright, t-minus 4ish days (Monday 1/17) before I attempt DHS… using G+ and ILL because that’s how we’re going to roll.

Here’s my attempt at a plan. Tell me the flaws. Tell me what I haven’t thought of. In true DHS style, everything is a priority… no one will die if we miss RNR or TOT. We will not do ST (because no one needs that kind of nauseous in their life right now). We do have two tiny ones - so will need to RS.

6:00AM wake up and prep
7:00AM person on phone #1 buys ROTR ILL for around 11. Then buys MMRR for around 2/2:30
7:08AM person on phone #1 attempts to pull an early SDD at 7:00AM. If unsuccessful, they drop and wait for 7:08 to pull one… hoping for a 10AMish time.
7:15AM Head to park from BCV (arrive 7:45 for 8:30 EE)
8:30AM Rope Drop MFSR (while everyone rides, one person with the tiny people goes to get rider switch pass, carrying the band of the second rider).

no longer going minute by minute

  • After first RD ride, head to TSL to ride TSMM and AS2. Then, circle back to SWGE to use the RS on MFSR. Hopefully done by around 10ish.
  • Use our 10ish SDD, with RS. When we tap in, try to book TOT (likely setting off the 120 minute rule)
  • Pick up a mobile order at either Woody’s or ABC Comm. to fuel up. Then head toward ROTR.
  • Use ROTR ILL and RS. (hoping this takes us to about 12)
  • Use the 12:02 or 12:32 drop times to try and pull RNR for a decent time.
  • Take some time for the toddlers to run around near Echo Lake before heading to the Frozen Sing Along for the 12:30 show.

Phew - halfway there. Breathe a little, maybe meet Minnie, watch the muppets, and work our way toward Oga’s for a 1:25 drink (going in to check it out and have a drink).

  • Catch Muppets after Oga’s if we haven’t seen it yet.
  • Head to MMRR for our 2/2:30ish ILL window.
  • Head over to Indy and watch the 3:15 stunt spectacular.
  • 4:00pm 50s Prime Time (figuring 1.5 hours).
  • If we are done with dinner in time, head over to watch the 6PM BATB

At this point we have hit most of the priorities. Depending on what we have pulled, my thought is to then head to sunset to try and catch TOT, RNR for the big kids and LMRA for the littles.

Good lord it’s a lot to think through. Where have I gone off track? What haven’t I thought of? What have you done and been successful with? Bring on all the tips and all the knowledge. I used to know how to do this rodeo on auto pilot (how’s that for a mixed metaphor)… but this one seems like a whole new ballgame.

I went on a day that was supposed to be a 10 and I don’t have to rider switch which I find extraordinarily slow at Disney and something Universal does much better but I woke up all by myself letting my family sleep in last Sunday at 655am and used my iPad on time.gov and refreshed the Tip Board with only SDD in my favorites so it was in the top of the screen (and my mom was never showing up immediately and I had to do a couple of extra clicks to add her every time) and was able to snag SDD at 6:59:59 for 10:15am. I then purchased RotR and got an 11:10am for that and then I purchased MMRR and purposefully chose 10:25am so my kids and mom could sleep in a little. We did not RD. By the time we used our SDD there were no RNRC LLs left but everything else was. I was able to get one for MFSR for 11:25am when we tapped into SDD and a 1:30 ToT when we tapped into MFSR. We were able to ride ST right before our 12:30pm lunch and it was really a walk on with a 4 min wait for the next iteration. I can actually handle this ride most times since they updated it. By the time we got off ToT and I got a 3:35 TSM after two hours before we rode ToT cuz of our long lunch the wait for RnRC was posted 35 min and was closer to 25 min. We did every major ride b/w 10:15 and 4pmish (we had Savis and Droid Depot appts at 305 and 350 which worked perfectly as that’s when we had no LLs). We did not have to RD and were able to get a 3.5 hour break before our Space 220 dinner at 745. It worked very well for us. I was very stressed about it all but if you’re willing to throw money at it and have an easy to follow plan I think you’ll be fine.