DHS - need FPP for any shows? Should I drop my Little Mermaid?

I have a SDD FP for early, but didn’t plan to get to the park too early. I had an 11am Little Mermaid FPP and was so excited to be able to move it up to the 9:40am slot, but now I am possibly blocking myself from seeing later SDDs.

Do I need a FPP for Little Mermaid? Or for any shows? The only one left now for the morning is Disney Jr which I am confident is not necessary. Wondering if I should let go of the LM (wrong acronym, I am know, sorry) and take a throwaway during our nap break just to get the chance to get a later SDD, or if I should will be grateful to have the LM FPP.

Thoughts? Oh, and the TP keeps telling me it won’t use the LM FPP but I am not sure I really trust the TP for DHS based on what I have been reading.


Is your visit before or after the 2/19 FPP switch? If it is before the switch, at least one tier 2 FP will have to be for a show, as Star Tours is the only ride in the old Tier 2 list.

Yep, it’s before which is why I am asking. I know I have to use one for a show to get to my fourth FPP. But curious if I need to actually plan around really using it rather than letting the time pass and not going to that show… I just checked the TP FPP availability site and it looks like all the SDD have disappeared at any case, so I will just leave things be…

But my TP still is refusing to use my Little Mermaid FPP… Should I force it to?

My family really likes Star Wars, so our plan is to use one ST fast pass as scheduled, then move my last tier 2 FP to another ST as soon as possible, and aiming for Tier 1 rides from there on out. I’m not planning on actually using FPs for any shows, although I have an IJ booked for now (ready to be changed!). The same strategy might work for your family (and if you’re there Feb 8 or 11, I might see you then!)

That’s a good plan! Just remember your IJ could limit you from seeing the ST availability. I am sure you know this. That’s basically what I realized was probably happening to me - I couldn’t see the SDD that were a bit later because I had a 9:40am Mermaid. Which is annoying of me, since i had a later one and intentionally moved it up - even though I was hoping for SDD to drop once the hours changed. I am kicking myself.

Anyhow I think my hesitation has made my decision since the SDD are gone. I feel like I am overly invested in keeping this Little Mermaid FPP :slight_smile: and need to remember it’s okay to not use it. With how crazy the crowds have been in the mornings though maybe the shows will be harder to get into too these days…

If you book Tier 2 FPP and don’t use it, the FPP should expire. However, the system is inconsistent. They don’t always delete after the time has passed. Best chance of the expired FP falling off is booking them in times prior to the Tier 1 and being physically in the park during the FP window.

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If I don’t try and book a new fastpass from the DME app, instead go into my current IJ fastpass and modify, will it allow me to select Star Tours as the modification?

You will need to use 3 FPs including your ST before you can schedule a second?

Yes, if there is a Star Tours fastpass available, you should be able to modify in the app. That’s how I changed a Frozen fastpass to MFSR.

ETA: Just realized you already have a ST fastpass. The system won’t show you a second one until you use the first.

LM is easy to get in to standby and probably easy to get a day-of fpp.


Thanks @staceyrose55 that’s what I was wondering

We tapped into B&B but didn’t actually stay to watch the show :joy: Didn’t even go past the FP+ turnstiles.

Yeah, I would drop it so you have visibility on the other stuff you want. Then you can re-book it once you get that.

Thanks all! Leaving as is for now… until they change opening to 7am, drop some more FPP openings and throw me back into decision making mayhem. But this time I am dropping the Little Mermaid to see more availability! :yum:

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You may not be able to do this. I tried to do this while in park and got a message that I couldn’t book another ST as I already used one that day.

Thanks! Does anyone know if the situation is different if I delete my 3rd FP and book it day-of rather than modify an existing booking?

I don’t think so. I think you have to do 3 different ones before MDE will let you duplicate.

You could RD ST instead.

The plan is really to burn off that last tier 2 FP as quickly as possible - MV3D is closed when I’m there, so after Star Tours (which we have at 10:30), the earliest Tier 2 FP I saw was IJ at 11:30. I was hoping to convert the IJ to another early ST FP to use it, but I’m just as happy to tap in at a show we’re not staying for if its early enough. If we can’t convert it to another ST, we’ll just take whatever is earliest :slight_smile:

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