DHS hours Dec 8-14 and Jingle Bell Jingle BAM!

DHS park hours are listed as closing at 8:00pm that entire week (Dec 8-14) but they have JBJB! showing only on Wed the 11th at 8:30pm??? I’m approaching 180 days and need to know hours for sure so I can plan ADR’s.

Unfortunately, Disney only releases hours 180 days out, which is inconvenient when trying to plan ADRs. However, even when they do post them, they may still change. Touring Plans gives estimated hours based on past years to help you plan, but nobody knows for sure what the hours will be.

The evening shows do quite often start after park closing. That time could well be correct.

So either you’re in line for a ride, you’re watching the show or you’re on the way out of the park.

That said, I suspect DHS will be open later than that. At least, Galaxy’s Edge will probably be, even if the rest of the park is closed.,