DHS for last 2 weeks of March now 8am

Just changed within the last few minutes. I’ve been refreshing calendar because it was two weeks ago today that the early March dates changed. On the lookout for FP to drop.


Sunday Mar 29 is start of 9:00 openings, currently.

Ooooooo bring in the April changes!


Fastpass hasn’t updated for the new hours

Frantically refreshing. Anyone have history on how quickly the FP updates happen?

It took days for FPs to drop after HS extended hours for early February. It was maddening.

Edit: went back and checked. They extended our hours for HS on 1/24 and didn’t drop more FPs for SDD until 1/29.

Ack! That sounds awful. I want this part over and done with, so I can enjoy my weekend. It’s OK to refresh while I’m at work this afternoon, but a few days? Yuck.

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Ugh. Why don’t they add hours in the evening instead of earlier? Pretty much ready to give up on riding ROTR because I highly doubt it’s going to be worth the effort it’s taking to ride it.

Bad advice given before (to not worry much about checking for 5 days). Edited to reflect that there hasn’t really been much consistency about the announcements and the new FPPs coming available. Maximum was five days around this time last month, but updates inbetween went 12-24 hours between announcement and drop, and before that it was 24-72 hours.

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When they updated the first half of March 2 weeks ago, FP’s were dropped sometime within 24 hours, according to @dboothsummers who was able to modify one of hers. The five day delay I believe happened when February dates were changed, so I wouldn’t count on that being the norm, but who knows.

Thanks for the correction! I’ll update my post.

Hoping that means people will go early and leave by the time we get there!!!

Same! I moved one of my two DHS days around so that we’re there in the afternoon/evening only. Assuming we’re good with RoTR the first day, I think that’ll lead to a much less stressful experience.

Hope it works for all of us!!!

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Yes, I snagged an 8 am tot same day of hours change

Curious, anyone know how quickly TP picks up in the hour change and sends the notification?

Received my email at 3:35. I really appreciate it, too.

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