DHS Fastpasses in Touring Plan

I’m looking for some specific Fastpass+ suggestions in relation to my touring plan. My TP for DHS keeps throwing the “This plan does not use the Fastpass+ reservation for [insert attraction]. Possible reasons…” for most fastpass+ time/attraction combos I have tried. It schedules the attractions in the TP, just for earlier times than I can get FP+ for.

So, what should I use the FP+'s on? Should I ignore them and just use the TP? Get them as a backup for must-see attractions? Continuing trying to find a fastpass that works? (I haven’t tried the shows yet).

How do I make them work with my touring plan?


@brklinck did a great write up of how to must effectively use FPP and personalized tiring plans.

I think that will work as the link to the info. If not, you can search on the title.

Good luck!

Tested it, and it seems to work. Much easier to do on the computer vs the phone :smile:

Thank you! That article looks very helpful!

It is. It takes a little time, but well worth it. @brklinck did an excellent job.

Who needs a PR man when they’ve got @Agent_C in their corner - thanks!

You’re welcome, but I truly feel it’s a great help to maximizing FPP use. I plan on using it as I plan our next trip for this coming August. :smile: