DHS Fast Pass & Touring

I have a couple of questions regarding DHS -

What is the best strategy to riding TSMM twice? We are going Oct. 10th on a CL 9 day. Right now I have us doing RNR at rope drop(predicted 13 min wait) then heading to TSMM to ride stand by with a predicted 30 minute wait. I would then use a Fast Pass for additional TSMM ride. Do those predicted wait times seem reasonable? The plan is to be at the park all day.

How early should we plan on getting to the 12:00 Indiana Jones show? I’m not worried about getting a seat close to the stage.

Thanks so much!

The wait times sound reasonable. You might also be able to catch a lower wait time in the evening. It seems like waits at TSMM are coming down because of the third track. When we were there just a couple weeks ago, the wait was only 45 minutes at 3 or so. That’s still a long time to wait, but it’s better than 1.5 hours.

I haven’t been to Indiana jones recently but last year we showed up about 5 minutes before show time with no problems but we weren’t close to the stage. Maybe 15-20 minutes ahead would get you a seat close to the front?

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Another way is to do TSMM at rope drop, then single rider line at RnR if it’s shorter than the standby line (sometimes it’s not), then FPP for TSMM. Also, if you’re there all day, with the third track you might be able to get another FPP for TSMM for later in the day (as your fourth).


I am interested in this too - but a slightly altered scenario. We want to do TSMM twice, definitely doing one FPP for it & no interest in RnR (I’m way too much of a chicken lol and my kids have not expressed interest in that one!). Getting to HS at RD but our kids want to do Jedi Training…so we’ll probably need to plan on heading for that line first thing. Going to be there on a CL 4 day. Any thoughts?

When we were there in July, we got to DHS at around 8 or 8:15 for 9 am opening. They let us in to sign up around 8:35 or maybe a little later, we signed up and were held at a second rope before park officially opened. So, I think you could sign up for JTA and then RD to TSMM.

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There have been reports that some of the higher waits at TSMM are right at RD and it may be better to wait a little while for the three tracks to get going.

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Really?! That would be so awesome! While worth it for us, it would definitely be nice to knock that out then just get to enjoy RD and head to TSMM. Thanks!!
Do you recall what the CL was that day? And do they do you know if they do this every day?

Good to know! It does appear that TSMM waits have overall been more manageable since the opening of the 3rd track, very excited about that.

If you drill down to the ride, Touring Plans offers a predicted wait times by hour for the ride. Here’s the link for the 10/10 one:

You can pick whatever date via changing the URL.

No idea if that fully reflects the new 3rd track data or not, but it would seem to say you want to get to the ride within the first hour or so of open in all probability.

There was also a recent blog post on the effect of the 3rd track: http://blog.touringplans.com/2016/07/28/how-changes-to-soarin-and-toy-story-midway-mania-have-affected-wait-times/#more-113836 which seemed to show average waits more on the 50 minute level this summer so my guess is that 10/10 prediction may not be updated yet for the 3rd track.

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Thanks for posting that link @Damavs! Does anyone know if they do in fact shut down the third track of TSMM on lower CL days as someone speculated in the comments? I wouldn’t think so, but not sure.

I’m not sure if they do it every day, but I know I’m not the only person to have this experience. CL was around 8 or so if I remember correctly, so maybe they do it when things are more crowded? It was nice to get sign up done and still be able to head straight to a ride.

I had the same experience on a CL 8 or 9 day In December. This was before the third track opened and we waited about 25 minutes. Everyone was
let in early, signed up quickly, walked over to wait with rest of RD crowd being held. DS had to stop at the bathroom on the way to TSMM which made our wait longer.

I agree, that is nice! I’m hoping we can do that.

Good to know, we’ll be at DHS on November 30 which is predicted CL 4. I don’t mind being directed to wait back at RD after signup, I’d just love to get it out of the way.

@awspoede - My kids are new to the Star Wars obsession so this will be our first attempt at Jedi Training. Where do you sign up? Did I read correctly you were able to sign up before rope drop? Thx for help.

If it is like last year you just sign up at the Indiana Jones adventure outpost store - right near Hollywood & Vine restaurant!

@haylekk - thank you!

Yes, what haylekk said. We did sign up before rope drop. You can always as a cast member to point the way. it’s my ds5’s favorite thing, and I have to say the couple of time we’ve done it have been really great. It always seems like such a hassle to me, but then once we’re there and doing, things just work out and it’s really memorable and special. Just remember that the kids who want to participate have to be with you to sign up, and you will need to report back at least 20 minutes or so before your selected show time to get lined up, get robes, etc.