DHS Dec 10th

I’m not sure if this has been mentioned but as I can’t see it I’ll post the news.

DHS is closing at 7pm on Dec 10th for a private event.

Edit: There is a performance of Fantasmic scheduled that night.

Disney's Hollywood Studios to close early on December 10 2023.


Hmm, and isn’t there also a party at MK that night? Plus, AK always closes early. So EP would be the only place for a regular park goer to spend that night in the parks?

AK has some extended hours coming up though, doesn’t it? Might this be one of those nights?

Off to check the crowd calendar…

Sad trombones… it is not an extended AK night.


The hours information on the WDW site specifically says there is a 7:30 Fantasmic though, and this article doesn’t say no Fantasmic - did you read that detail elsewhere or was it a fair (though perhaps incorrect) assumption based on when that usually occurs?

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Ooh, if an earlier Fantasmic I might have to go them. We have yet to make it to a show since its return.

Sorry, I thought I read there wasn’t.

Something reminded me to post yesterday and I only glanced at the article again.

I’ll correct it.

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I posted in another thread about this, but we are going to be there that day. Oddly the dining we wanted to do (Rodeo Roundup BBQ and Oga’s) are even still fairly wide open. I’m hoping that indicates crowds will be light that day! The earlier Fantasmic time also appeals to me. It will be a great last night for our trip! My only concern is, I’m assuming day guests will be able to attend the 7:30 Fantasmic. Would it possibly be for the private event? That seems like very short turnaround if that was the case.

It’s on the WDW website listing hours and shows so I would assume so. Unless that changes

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