DHS Crowd Level 1?

I’m scheduled to be at DHS on February 11 and TP has the crowd at Level 1. Surely this can’t be accurate with RotR and MF going strong now? Anyone have any thoughts on this?

My thought is you should expect it to be way more crowded than that and be pleasantly surprised if it does turn out to be a 1.

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That’s what I’m thinking! Hopefully it won’t be like it’s been recently but I certainly don’t expect it to be easy!

While I too am skeptical of such a low CL, February is one of the slowest times at WDW. (This is why they pick late Jan. / Feb. to do refurbishments)

From the last Crowd Calendar update, 1/2/20, by statistician Steve Bloom on the TP blog:

February 2020 (Crowd Levels - Overall WDW:6.4 / MK:6.6 / EP:6.3 / HS:5.4 / AK:7.1)

Early February will have low crowds.

The weeks of Presidents’ Day (February 15-23) and Mardi Gras (February 22-29) are popular times for many school districts to take a break.

Luckily, the two holidays are on different weeks in 2020, and that will help spread out the crowds.

Crowd calendars are based upon attraction wait times from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. However, since December and the opening of RotR, more people have been showing up to RD to get into a boarding group, and many of those people have to kill time in the park while waiting for their boarding group to be called, so the lines pre-11 a.m. are longer than usual. So that has had the effect of peak time to end before the usual 5 p.m. time and people are leaving earlier. So the low crowd levels likely won’t be felt until mid-afternoon.


me too! I will see you there (hopefully with a level 1 crowd!

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I am wondering about crowd levels too! We will be there Jan 31 - feb 3. We are only doing 2 days in the Disney parks this time, and I had planned to skip Hollywood Studios because I figured lines would be so long we wouldn’t ride anything. Now I am seeing the lowest crowd levels at any park at HS each of the 4 days - it is at a 4 the whole time. If this is true we will go and check out the new Star Wars rides but it seems unbelievable that lines will be shorter there than Epcot or animal?

I will be the last week of April as well and hoping TP CC will be correct but if not we will just go with the plan. We are there for 7 days so I am sure we may get lucky one day

CLs are projected. But CL1 is real! We were there on December 18, 2019. Projected CL for that day was 5. It was actually a 1, even with RoTR and the holidays.

BUT, it was not walk on or minimal wait time for all rides and neither did we have the park to ourselves. Park hours were 7 AM - 9 PM. We got there at 8:45 AM and were able to secure BBG 119! We had FPP for SDD, ST, and Muppets. We rode TSM 2x SB with waits between 10-20 minutes. We waited for about 50 minutes SB for both MFSR and RNR. We snagged TOT FPPs at the 12:01 and 2:31 drop. Our BBG for RoTR was called and we waited nearly an hour to get on the “main” portion. We met with Olaf and the Chipmunks, and took some other Photopass pictures (waited 15-20 minutes each time). I wanted to wait for the Toy Story characters but we estimated the wait to be in excess of 30 minutes! We got in lines for snacks 3x, ate lunch, and enjoyed the ambiance. Not bad for 8:45 AM - 7:30 PM! That includes leaving my phone in one the 28 pods at MFSR, waiting for the CM at the entrance of MFSR twice to get a hold of the CM in the pod areas to look for my phone, and going twice to Guest Service to see if my phone was turned in. I was so thankful I got it back!

We could have done more but we were too tired to RD a third time in four consecutive days and we had 8:10 reservations at Story Book Dining.

I had 3 FPPs in advance and a rough rough plan for the day but no finalized TP because as you all know, it was impossible due to the uncertainty of RoTR.