DHS Crowd Calendar to 10

Well, woke up and the folks here at TP had raised the Crowd Calendar@ DHS for my end of May/early June trip to a 10. Think this is anticipation of Toy Story Land opening, or did I miss something?

I don’t know what’s going on. I got the same email yesterday and today saying that crowds were jumping for my February trip and details could be found in the blog. However, the blog won’t load. Hopefully more info will be released soon.

Yeah, I can’t get the blog to load either. Even taking the entry number off.

Also curious to see rationale for changes…

We journeyed to the World on November 18 - 24. Our first day was Magic Kingdom. The day was listed as crowd level 6, but we felt like it was way busier than that. We had most recently been during the week between Christmas and New Years and actually thought the crowds were heavier than we have ever seen them on November 18. Granted, I learned later that it was Mickey’s birthday so I’m certain that played a big part in the crowd level. They ended up hitting capacity for the fireworks about 20 minutes before the show, so we watched them behind the castle which turned out to be lovely. There is a photopass photographer who took our picture with the beast castle behind us and fireworks going off in the background.

I would have expected to see 10s since I have heard Toy Story Land will be open for Memorial Day weekend.

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Similar question…going June 4 to 11…2 days ago I was looking at 6’s to 8’s my whole trip. Now starring at 8-10’s for most of the trip…

New to this so my question is would you expect this to change again? Should I scrap my whole plan and redo it based on this? Is the difference from a 9 to 10 that big of a deal?

I got an email yesterday and then one today telling me about updates for my upcoming trip to WDW for our honeymoon.

We knew this trip would be a busy time, we are going from December 19 - 31, 2017. Nothing went down, and most of the parks went up. No big deal as we have our touring plans, just need to double check them and do some tweaking. The TP is more important than the CL for any day.

My understanding is that they are needing to make adjustments, and this in normal.


Our trips will overlap (we will be there 5/31-6/10) I haven’t really made my daily TP yet, but I am planning to Rope drop most days and get out of the parks, as much as possible, between 11 or 11:30 and 3:30 or 4:00. Added a couple extra days to the trip to facilitate fewer park hours each day. I can’t say whether 9-10 “feels” a lot different, but it is just loooong waits for the meat of the day.

Hope your planning is going well.

Thanks for your advice. I may make some tweaks…but looks like we just need to continue to plan smart and zig when others are zagging.

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Exactly right, eat at off times, get there early and continue to be nimble…

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Got the same notifications(we are going 5-30 to 6-4) I switched one of my “10” days HS to an “8” - hopefully that will make things a little easier-anybody know how fast passes will work for the new Slinky Dog Coaster - if they plan for it to be open, will be able to get FPs 60/90 days out for it?

Same email yesterday too. We are going June 16-23. Numbers previously were 4-8. Now they are all 7-9. The link to the explanation blog did not work. Epcot was listed at the highest as a 9 on the day we plan to go. Should I switch my park plans around or during mid-late June does it really matter all that much?

You can’t ever get FPs at 90 days. It’s hard to say if they will start taking FP straight away, and if so when they will open them.

Sorry, I meant 60/30

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SO, first of all, I don’t think Disney will release Fastpasses until, at the very LEAST, they announce the official opening date for Toy Story Land (someone may have experience with this vis a vis Pandora). Also questions about tiers for FPP as well. So, the answer is - Maybe. If between now and the end of May/early June, Disney announces and official opening, they may make FPP available. However, I am planning on not having FPP available when I select my FPP in March.

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Just made reference to a comment made by Jack from dsny newscast…he said there is some big news coming out next week. I said could that be toystory land opening due to my touring plans crowd changes around memorial day. …and he said MAYBE…lol probably teasing me lol

Thanks, I figured as much - was just wondering if when March rolls around, I should leave my Tier 1 choice open, but I guess it doesn’t hurt to pick Rock N Roller and to keep looking every day afterwards to see if Slinky Dog appears and make a change.

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Same email here. The blog now loads if still need explanation.

I have already reoptimized my touring plans for the new crowd levels. It has my group finishing our plans about 30 minutes later than prior to the email. That works out to roughly 90 seconds of extra waiting per queue, and I think I can live with that.

Is anyone expecting Toy Story Land to be that popular? It’s not close to Pandora and that didn’t bring in very many extra guests. It just made the Animal Kingdom empty everywhere but Pandora.