DHS closing at 9 PM but nothing open after 7 PM?

Looking at making a late Oga’s ressie for Monday May 9.
None of the restaurants are open after 7.
Park hours say they’re open 'til 9.

Same on night before
But I do notice that on the previous week, restaurant hours go until 10 PM.

Is this part of Disney’s Dopey rolling park hour disclosure, and at some arbitrary point before May, they’ll move the hours towards a 10 PM close?

Or, silly Canadian me, I’ve forgotten that my vacation plans conflict with the World Teen Stamp-licking Finals, the Semi-Annual Magnolia Possum Debutante Trifecta, or Second Quartile South School District’s Spring Break and EVERYBODY knows they modify parks hours for that special event?


Not sure about TS but I know some QS are open.

I know because I was building some evening plans the other day.

Check the restaurant’s direct page? Or is that what you’re doing?

Both the restaurant’s direct page and the All DHS search pages are showing 7 PM… except now I’m seeing 8PM for Hollywood and Vine


I was only looking at QS

But HS has pretty much always been a vast wasteland of nothingness when it comes to food in the evening :frowning:


In the end, I went with a 5 PM at Oga’s (not too early in case we dipped back to the hotel in the afternoon) and a 6:30 PM at Sci-Fi.

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I’d think your comment about rolling hour changes is right. I’d keep an eye on the hours every few days. Would think they’ll release later hours at some point.
Our 4/2021 trip had later Oga’s pop up that we were able to snag. Maybe start setting some late reservation alerts.


So a late/almost closing ADR at Oga’s is better than a day time one?

I currently hold a 9:15pm on a currently published 9pm close. THAT is ideal :smiley: If the hours are extended I’ll try for later still


OK but what’s the advantage of the late ADR?

Exiting an empty park


I would also say having an ADR that doesn’t conflict with attractions is an advantage too.


OK thanks @OBNurseNH and @PrincipalTinker. Both of those reasons make sense
I managed to grab an 8:30 PM and just wanted to make sure before I dropped the earlier ADR


I don’t know if it is always true but I read a report of two women that left HS last week after staying in Oga’s well over an hour (they reported 90 minutes) with a late ADR. It is supposed to be a 45 minute stay.

Hmmm interesting.
I figured that since my ADR’s 45-minute window ended after park close, it could have all the benefits of a late ADR… and then couldn’t recall what exactly those were.

Yes this too.

And finally, the later your ressie, the closer you are to closing time if they extend hours and you can’t get a later ressie

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I believe this to be true.