DHS and FP+ for RRC and TSM?

Our first day at disney we plan to go to DHS for just a few hours in the afternoon since DH is a crazy Star Wars fan.

Seeing that TSM and RRC are the same FP+ tier but I have one kid that would like to ride both. Would this plan work…?

  • FP+ for DH for RRC. We all go to entrance and do rider switch (6 year old is too scared to ride although it is possible he may be JUST tall enough to meet height limit by then.

  • I take kids to meet BB8 nearby while DH rides.

  • DH the swaps bracelets with DS and takes older DD on RRC while DS6 and I do a show.

  • DS and DD and I then later ride TSM on FPs while DH does Star Wars stuff.

  1. will they make me and kids stay in a certain zone while DH rides the first time?
  2. is it ok to have only one FP+ for RRC?
  3. will they not allow DH to ride the 2nd time? Would I have to instead? ( I realize the Disney intent is that I would be 2nd rider - asking what is doable though).

Here is how I would do it. Book FP for TSMM for everyone except husband. Book FP for RnR for husband. Husband rides RnR with FP ask for rider swap. Husband and riding child ride RNR with rider swap.

Everyone but husband rides TSMM with FP. No swapping MBs needed.


Yes it’s ok to have one FP for RnR

They don’t care who rides the 2nd time and they don’t keep track. So it is fine for hubbie to ride twice.

Thank you all!

TSM is about the only ride my little one will like at DHS and the kids were looking forward to doing it together. If we were visiting on a different day we would have done rope drop for RRC.

Very good to know this will work out!