DHS & AK in one day Touring Plan

Hi - traveling to the World in October 2023. Somewhat abbreviated trip with kids who are 18-22 (5 of us total). Doing MK 2 days and Epcot 1 day. For the remaining day considering trying to bang out AK and DHS in one day. Any thoughts on a Touring Plan or which one to do first? We have early entry and park hopper and are willing to purchase Genie+ and ILL. At DHS we can skip Rock & Roller, Tower of Terror & Star Tours, want to hit all the majors at AK. Have never seen AK evening show, but do like Fantasmic! My guess would be start AK and then head to DHS but would love some guidance. Thanks!

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AK opens early so is usual the best choice if you’re willing to get up and Adam (atom?). I don’t even know what word ends that saying!

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at ‘em. (“at them”)!


Ha! Thanks both! Good call on AK being open earlier that likely settles it if that is the case. We will get up early! We will also have a car FWIW to move easier to other park.

We did this a couple weeks ago, and it was super easy (but it wasn’t our only day at DHS, we popped over there for a few rides and were out of the park by 6:20 or so). Navi river journey and maybe KS are the only rides you really benefit from G+ at AK unless it’s really crowded (and even those you can knock out in EE / first hour with low wait) so you could start stacking LL for DHS pretty early. If you don’t want to get to AK super early I’d recommend an ILL for FOP.

With genie plus, some have gone with the strategy to be early for AK rope drop, hit FOP first, then walk over to Navi (typically with no line) and then do Safari no LL or first LL. If you do those three with no LL, you can have at least one and then probably about time to stack two rides at HS

Thanks to both. This video is probably from 2018 with Brian from TP. He does FOP and Navi with no FastPass at the time and no wait. Do you think that is still possible without Genie+ if you have early entry? Riding Flight of Passage with No Wait - YouTube

I think it can be done, especially with G+ and ILLs.

Plan to buy ILLs for FoP and RotR along with G+. Rope drop AK, hitting either Kilimanjaro Safaris or Navi River first (play around with the Touring Plans custom plan software on your possible dates to see what to hit first), but don’t use your G+ to get any ILLs in AK. Instead, stack them at HS studios in the afternoon. Use the single rider line at Expedition Everest to save more time if you’re okay with splitting up your group.