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I had a solid plan for a full day at DHS tomorrow and now we have to travel to Disney Springs to pick up dd’s wallet that was thankfully found.

I blocked out a break for 120 minutes (marked outside the park). Is that enough time to get back and forth to Disney Springs? I am thinking of using Lyft/Uber instead of living on WDW transportation for the entire day.

Where are the drop off/pick up points for Uber & Lyft at DHS and Disney Springs?

Also, the new TP (using early entry) is in the following order:

Runaway Railway
—Disney Springs—
Beauty & the Beast
Walt Disney Presents
Star Tours
ADR for Scifi Dine In

We have an after hours Oga’s ADR.

The waits for TOT, MFSR, and SDD are all between 30 and 45 minutes. With everything so topsy-turvy with wait times this weekend, I am wondering if I should adjust the order of some things.


When you get off R’n’R then it makes sense (to me) to do ToT unless the queue is really long.

I assume the idea is to be in the RotR queue before offsite guests can join it? In which case from the reports I’ve seen RnR and ToT should be possible with minimal waits where you have them.

For me, and this is a personal thing, I would be wanting to do a few more of the rides earlier on. There’s a lot left until after dinner. Including Slinky, AS2 and MFSR - all of which might not mix well with having just eaten.


I assume that the program does not know when RotR line has been the shortest yet? I think I would actually do slinky, MMRT, and then try RnR and ToT.

Two hours, using Uber should work. I would add an hour if you are using the buses (I hate those DS buses). Uber pick up should be right out the gate, in the parking lot. I believe the signs should direct you but you can ask the CMs too.

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I would prefer to not Uber if we didn’t have to, but I just don’t want to burn more time away from the park.

Thank you. :sunglasses:

Those buses are terrible on a good day.

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Using buses has issues: there are no direct buses from DS to HS (and I’m not sure if the after 4pm HS to DS buses resumed after the Covid shutdown). You’d have to two-step it by using a resort/hotel in the middles - and there’s lots of versions of that. For instance, you could walk/boat to BWI then bus from BWI to DS - and reverse the process to return.

If I remember correctly, lost and found is in the center area near the Disney bus drop-off at DS. Rideshares and non-Disney buses drop you at the extreme ends.

ETA: Actually, the BWI example sounds pretty decent for a free, almost-direct option.

We Ubered and will be leaving soon to go back.

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… and our Uber driver is now lost. He went through the regular car gate and they told him he was in the wrong place.

Now wandering aimlessly around property looking for a Buses Only entrance. :slightly_frowning_face:

Currently near MK…send help