DH switched from FQ to Poly

My DH just surprised me with switching our reservations to the Poly the week before Thanksgiving. We’ve been waiting for a room at the Contemporary to show up but to no avail. I had done a lot of research on FQ and was happy with it (DD7 LOVES Princess and the Frog) except for the busing situation. (I have a autoimmune disease that causes me to freeze up a lot if i sit too long on buses etc. )
Anyhow, I am looking at Poly pools and I don’t see a water slide? I liked the dragon slide that was relatively simple for DD7 and DS who will turn 4 while we are there. Am I missing something in my morning haste of looking?

EDIT: So which room would be good for a Standard room. We have DD7 DS4 hubby and I. Keeping walking to a limit, having sleeping kids on the return in the stroller, and enjoying pools. We are happy about getting the day bed now since FQ only had the 2 Queens.

Tikiman’s site has lots of info on the Poly, including the pools. http://www.tikimanpages.com/poly/ There is a water slide at the Lava Pool.

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There’s definitely a waterslide. I just watched a video on youtube the other day in which the host took a video of himself going down it. It sounds/looks like it’s quite a good one!

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Thanks, I also found the kid area pool too. I just saw the volcano and nothing else and thought “oh this isn’t gonna fly” but was also surprised that if it didn’t have a pool!

I’ve spent so much time researching everything else and was all set and now I feel like I’m at square one since I don’t know a thing about this resort :slight_smile:

While I think FQ is the best moderate and a great resort, the Poly is a nice step up. You’ll love the proximity to MK, especially with the kids. I would suggest Park Hoppers if you don’t have them as you can be walking down main street in around 15 minutes which is a game changer if you feel like a few quick rides at MK one night after being in another park. My guess is you’ll be able to catch up pretty quick on what the Poly offers - have fun…

Thanks! Yeah, we loved staying at the Contemporary and utilizing the monorail the last time we were there. That’s just as fun for the kids! Just figuring out the room picks again (I just did mine for FQ) and figuring out our quick breakfasts before we RD etc. :slight_smile: