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Hi all. How do spouses tag along on business trips? My DH maybe going to a conference in a March. I assume that DH will need to stay at CSR. I’d get my own room for me and DD but should DH tell his boss that I would be there. It looks like DH would be done around 6pm most days and he would buy his tickets through the conference. Am I just dreaming? How did you work it when tagging along? TIA.

We’ve been to Disney three times when my DH had a conference. The first time back in 2007, my family came along too and we were able to get 3 rooms at the CR at conference rates. It was great.

The last two trips we stayed at the Swan and we stayed with DH. In all cases, the people at the conference knew we were there. Many people brought their families. Sometimes there are extra activities associated with a conference in the afternoon and evening and guests can accompany whoever is with the conference. It can be pricey though.

It is great to have an extra opportunity to go but after this last time we decided that we probably won’t do it again. Yes you save money on the hotel and airfare and get a slight reduction on tickets but we did miss having DH with us all day. It still is expensive and we’d rather save for a real family vacation. That’s a very personal choice though and who knows, I’m likely to change my mind if the circumstances were right.

Thank you!! Sounds wonderful. It’s wonderful how you were able to receive conference attendees benefits. I hope DH goes, we’ve never stayed st CSR, so it will be a nice change. Thank you again.

I’ve never been to a cnference “at” WDW, but have been to countless conferences all across the country. It’s not the LEAST unusual for families (at very least spouses) to come too, especially if it’s in a “tourist-intensive” location. Several of the organizations to which I belong actually have dedicated spouses’ programs that include tours, luncheons, shopping trips, etc. Unless your DH specifically “needs” a private room (for interviews, side meetings, entertaining clients, etc), or you just want the extra space, I do not see why you would have to get a separate room. With the conference being at Disney, I have to assume that there will be a lot of families tagging along…

Every two years I attend a conference in the Orlando area. It is usually held at a 4 star hotel with rooms around $350-400/night. I’ve persuaded my company to lodge me on Disney property (usually CBR) and rent me a car which would still be cheaper than staying at the conference. I’ve told them in the past that I am bringing my family since the room is already paid for. My meeting end by 1-2 in the afternoon and then I join my family for fun in the parks. Never been an issue with us.

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I would assume that it would not be a problem at all for you to stay with your husband. If his employer is sending him to a conference at Disney, they are probably expecting families to go to. We have done it many times. The conference rate for the hotel is great…we are usually able to add additional days to the same room at the conference rate. DH’s employer pays for the days of the conference, and we pay for the rest. Also, we always charge DH’s meals separately from mine and the kids, to make reimbursement for those easier. If your DH will be joining int he evening, make sure to get conference rate afternoon only tickets for him…they are much less expensive. I belive they have “after 2:00” and “after 5:00” tickets available, or something like that.

Wow!! Thank you all. It’s not a sure thing, yet. But, I’m hoping and doing my Disney begging. I checked out the room and ticket prices. Yes, it would still cost us a good chunk of change but cheaper than us paying rack. I’m hoping if it’s a go that we can all share a room. Again, thanks all.

I also have a conference at CSR in February and couldn’t be happier. I plan on taking my family and letting them “live the magic” without me during the day. Our evening is planned with fun activities at DTD and the parks to make sure I get to experience the fun as well. I’ll be burning the candle at both ends but am happy to do so since I’ll be at Disney.

Most conferences offer “After 2pm” and “After 4pm” ticket options for conference attendees. Disney does offer discounted tickets to families but I have found their pricing to be the same as Undercovertourist.com (where I usually buy my tickets). Enjoy your conference and fun while at the most magical place on earth!!

Just like most things in the work world…DH did not go because it was not cost effective for the company…I was a lil bitter about it at the time…The thought of going to Disney then being told no :frowning: