DFB / AllEars

What is the relationship (if any) between DFB and AllEars? I follow the blogs on both and they often have the same photos.

I just learned that recently (though I don’t know just how recently) DFB bought out AllEars. I was suspicious when AllEars started promoting DFB’s merchandise.

That’s upsetting, bc DFB is very clickbaity and allears had always been a trusted source before.


Agreed. I feel the same way. But it might have happened a year ago? So maybe they’re leaving Allears alone? I tried to investigate but I couldn’t figure out exactly when it happened. Though, I haven’t loved the recent Allears videos so maybe it was a slow changeover?

I was curious and looked it up. Apparently, AllEars was sold in Summer 2018 to the folks who own DFB. I found the info by looking up LinkedIn profiles and the AllEarsNet LLC info. I was going to do some laundry before bed, but this was way more interesting. :blush:


Nice! And I thought I had internet sleuthing skills :grin:

I have always enjoyed AllEarsNet. My kids really enjoy the ride videos, giving all the facts and details. It seems as though DFB has become extremely repetitive. I used to follow quite regularly, but I feel like I get the same blurb every 2-3 days now. So, I’ve been searching out others.

I love to play detective sometimes… especially when I’m procrastinating on chores or something equally unfun. :laughing:

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I know what you mean. At the same time, I feel sorry for them because it’s gotta be harder to run those types of sites in the middle of the mess that has been the past year+. Not as much going on to report and everything so up in the air that it’s difficult to plan, much less produce content to help someone else make plans. I do wish they could come up with something out-of-the-box to help keep people interested, though. I definitely agree that it gets old seeing the same stuff worded differently.