DeVine at AK? Performers at WS Epcot?

Just a quick question as I haven’t been to the World for a long time… (10 years) Is DeVine still at Animal Kingdom?

Also regarding Epcot World Showcase… what entertainers do they have in the different countries now? I heard one of my faves ‘Off Kilter’ no longer perform, so was just curious…

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Yes, DiVine is still at AK. As for Epcot, the Jammitors still appear in FutureWorld (pretty sure they were there ten years ago). In World Showcase there will be quite a few new things - Bodh’aktan in Canada, the British Revolution in the UK, Musique Aramenco in Morocco, Voices of Liberty in the US. There is a Bavarian band in Germany.

Serveur Amusant is still doing his thing in France, the Matsuriza drummers are still in Japan and Sergio is still juggling in Italy. The acrobats in China are still going, as are the Mariachi in Mexico.

The one thing you might miss (I know I do) is Miyuki (the Japanese candy lady). Shiny shiny caramel… :cry:

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for that lecras… I think the British revolution may have been there last time we went… Really gutted that no Off Kilter or Candy Lady… But glad that some of the old favourites are still there. Are the Ye olde Street Players ?still in the UK? They used to do street theatre…

No, they closed that one down 2-3 years ago I’m afraid.