Details on PoTC Fast Pass Reward?

So last time we did the Pirates’ Adventures in Adventureland, there was no reward. Now, apparently you get a FP for Pirates of the Caribbean after you complete a certain number of adventures. Can someone share the details? Does everyone in the party have to pick up a map and tap their magic bands at each step?

Last time, we just used my son’s magic band and all went around together. But if that’s only going to get him a fast pass, it’s not going to be so helpful…


We had to complete 2 maps to get fastpasses. You only need 1 magic band – to tap the initial computer screen when you get the map and at each step. When you get a map, the computer asks how many people are in your party. After the 2nd map, I just had to tell the cast member how many fastpasses we needed.

Awesome, thanks!

About how long does it take to complete a map?

About 10 minutes to complete a map. The first map took a few more minutes, though, because I wandered around a bit trying to find the first location. I had to ask a CM for help. It turned out that guests were standing in front of what I needed to find (the clue was smaller and blended in better than I expected). I learned to ask people (nicely) to get out of the way.